How to continue plan after a week and half off toward the end of SSBLV2

Hi All,

I completed week 4 of SSBLV 2 and then went on a week and half vacation where I was relativity inactive and ate like I was on vacation. Now that I am back, I was planning to pick up with week 5. Presuming I can complete it without any need to reduce intensity, I wondered what I should be about week 6 of the plan, since it is a recovery week before starting the build phase. Seems weird to take a week of recovery rides after having been off the bike for a week and half so recently. Or, would you do something different than resuming at week 5? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

If it was me I would simply redo last completed week of training before resuming.

Personally for me week and a half is like a season break and a gap where I can lose a good portion of endurance (which is really the biggest thing at base phase) My biggest planned break is 2 weeks per year.

So I would take the ramp test and restart ssb1 unless you have a planned race or something. if you do have planned events / races, just use the new season planner thingy and see what it tells you to do.