Skip Last week of Sweet Spot Base 2?

Hi, I’m nearing the end of SSB2. The last week seems to be an easy week. Would it be ok to skip that week, rest a day and then do a Ramp Test and start a Build Phase?

No no no no no. Do not skip the recovery week.

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Simply put, no. If you have completed ssb2 properly with a correctly set ftp you should be really tired and will need a recovery week to reap the gains of the past 5 weeks. If you jump straight into build (the hardest part of the training plan) without proper recovery before hand you will dig a hole you won’t be able to get out of.

If ssb2 was easy, then it was likely your ftp was set too low and your current situation and how you move forward needs to re-evaluated.

I did an FTP test at the beginning of the ssb2. I don’t think I was fully recovered from a virus, so maybe my FTP is low. I’m not overly tired, the sessions have been reasonably difficult but I’ve always been able to complete. I have shortened x2 2h sessions to 1.5h. I have 2 weeks left including the recovery week. Should I redo my FTP test or just see the plan out and then to FTP Test before starting the Build Phase? Thanks

Are you doing mid volume?

If so, I think you have got Lamarck this week, which is supposed to be a pretty good indicator of whether or not your FTP is set correctly.

This is how they should feel - difficult but doable.

Yes, that session is on Wednesday. I’ll see how I get on.