Shortened Recovery week in order?

I am in the final workouts of the mid-SSB2 plan, and over the past 3 weeks have had a myriad of disruptions to my training consistency–illness, travel, recreational activities–and now I’m trying to figure out how to manage the plan’s recovery week.

Training was pretty consistent through mid-January, until I wen on a ski trip that took me off the bike 6 days and left me very sore. Did a Petitt to try and ease back in, and 3 days later tried Mary Austin–cleared the 1st interval set, but was done and spun out for the rest of the hour at a Z2 intensity. Took two days off to try and recovery, and jumped back into a repeat of week 4 in an attempt to build back up to Mary Austin. Mary Austin was another failure on Saturday at the 1/2 way point, but Tallac +3 went fine and then some on Sunday.

Illness got in the way, and a few more days were required off the bike. Spencer +2 went fine last Thursday, and I replaced Leconte with a double session of an outdoor Fat Bie ride and a Bondcliff +3. Thrashed on Sunday, but nailed Wright Peak -1 on Monday this week. Tonight is Lamarck. and the plan currently look like this: Moved the recovery week rides around to fit better with time I can dedicate for them. However, I’m now wondering if I’m better off dropping some of the planned rides and just moving up the ramp test to move on to the build phase sooner, because MAYBE I don’t need the full week of recovery? March 1-4 is another ski trip, which will destroy the legs again and interrupt the 1st week of the build phase.

Which option to chose:
a) plan as laid out above
b) Drop Andrews on Wednes and replace with Beech and move Volunteer to Tuesday, allowing for Ram and start of build phase on Friday.
c) just add some additional work next week, small taper headed into ski weekend, a few recovery rides to re-establish my legs and then Ramp Test

I don’t have any advice, but I too went skiing recently, first time in about 15 years. It absolutely wrecked me for about 3 days afterward. My butt was soooo sore, and I was stiff all over. I failed McAdie the day after.

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I would stick to how it’s layed out above, seems like a very reasonable approach to me :+1:.

And don’t be too hard on yourself for missing workouts after a ski weekend. Just acknowlege that you are taking on a lot of physical stress, and as a result, you will have to reduce your cycling stress to compensate :slight_smile: .

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Thank you for the confirmation of the plan, @Bryce Based on last night’s Lamarck ride, it looks like I should pick up 12-16 watts on the next FTP assessment, and I want to capture as many of those watts as possible. and I was concerned with my plan that I might be trading too much fitness for unnecessary recovery.

It’s so fun seeing those yellow trophies show up at the back end of SSB2!

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