Looking for On Bike Nutrition Food Suggestions Available in the US - no gels, chews, liquids

I’m looking for on the bike nutrition food suggestions, but not gels, chews, or liquid. On the bike I like to eat my calories. Right now I using Nature’s Bakery bars I get from CostCo. These work fine, I’m just looking for some variety. My only complaint is these are a little large, especially carrying 10 bars like I did on a century yesterday.

I’ve used Larabars in the past, and I like them, they just aren’t that carb dense for the calories.

TIA for suggestions

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Try out new rice cakes, two-bite pies, griddle cakes, waffles, baked eggs, sticky bites, rice balls, paninis, cakes, and cookies.

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Gummy worms, bears, snakes etc?


In Belgium we have something called “peperkoek” or “ontbijtkoek”; high carb, no fat, low protein


Not speedy eats but a pb and banana bagel cut in half and wrapped individually is my go to real food. They’re filling, lots of carbs and really survivable to get shoved in pockets!

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Rice Krispies Treats


Can’t do it. I despise marshmallow. I won’t touch anything with marshmallow with your 10 foot pole :rofl:

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Unfortunately I’m in the US, and I’ve never seen this for sale

Also my go to for endurance rides. Snelle Jelle for the win. 45G of carbs, easy to chew and swallow while riding. Perefect.

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I use bars from veloforte. They say they are all natural with no rubbish in them. Taste ok but obviously a little sweet.https://veloforte.com/collections/energy-bars
Not sure if they ship to the USA and at what cost if they do though

You can try the Bobo’s Bites from Costco……smaller versions of Bobo bars, with some fruit flavored filling added. Helps with the dryness of their bars.

Pretty small and inexpensive. I have used them off an on this year.

The old reliable Fig Newtons (or Strawberry Newtons) are always a great option, as well.


This looks like a nice option as it can provide variety in what you ingest on (and off) the bike, BUT…

My question would be however… how many of the recipes in this book use the Skratch labs products in them? Looking quickly on their website, I suspect MANY of them might. I couldn’t find recipes specific to this book on the site, but most I found on their blog DID use their “recovery mix”, so I’d be surprised if the book was any different…

I love the idea of a book like this, but NOT at the expense of having to continually buy into their product line to follow the recipes within. Can anyone that has this book confirm or deny my suspicion?

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I don’t know the name in English, in dutch it’s called date or fig bread, the date bread has 62g/100g carbs, the fig bread a bit less


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I find this really hard to eat, even just doing rest intervals on the trainer, it’s really sticky and too dry to swallow easily

GCN Energy Bars - video/ recipe is on youtube. I sub the oil for butter. Hardest thing is just not eating them on the bike.

Probably no help, but Soreen Malt Loaf is still my favourite, but I can’t get it in Ireland post brexit. Have to rely on when I can pick it up when I’m in the north or Britain. Another one on the list to try and make myself!

Had that peperkoek when staying on the continent. Didn’t realise what it was called, but will be looking up a recipe now I am reminded of it. Speaking of which, a few of the Belgian sportives have me a fan of waffles and stroopwafel - both readily available in Ireland (lidl the cheapest).

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Thanks - these are available in the US from The Feed, but at $3.49 or more a bar so a little expensive

I will see if local CostCo has the bits. Good call on the Fig Newtons

Mentally for me these fall into the “chew” category. I’m just not a fan of the texture, and I find they stick to my teeth. Completely a personal preference (or non-preference) thing

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I gave my cycling books to my local bike shop when I last moved, so I don’t have it anymore.

From what I remember, most recipes didn’t use their products.

My main takeaways from it were the rice cakes and various waffle options.

Although saying that, I only ever made the rice cakes, and you don’t need the book for that.

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I’ve been using the Costco boxes of fig bars for the past three years. 600 hours of riding per year and I’m in the same ready for variety boat.

Non-answer: But it’s worse for me! I have two teenagers and they take all the raspberry flavored bars to eat as daily snacks and leave me nothing but the blueberry bars. I mean, I can’t really tell the difference when I’m eating them on a long ride, but I don’t even get a chance to have that limited bit of variety.

Maybe an answer: Go online and buy the apple cinnamon and/or brownie flavored fig / date bars from Nature’s Bakery. Very different flavor profiles and a nice change of pace. Same easy 100 calories per square!

Definitely an answer: I’m buying some boxes of stroopwafels at Costco this month (on sale) and giving them a try. 140 calories per unit and more fat than wanted, but I’m ready for variety as well. The Aussie bites aren’t too bad, but fall apart a little too easily.

To make you laugh in commiseration, my bags of fuel ready for insertion into my top tube bag on a four day event:


Almond Butter and Honey on Sandwich Thins.

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