What do you eat during any given day?

Just curious what people are eating throughout the day, and if you could add whether you do something different for training/ride days vs off days. Looking to get a feel for commonalities between everyone’s diets so I can try and tweak my own to be better.

Little chocolate donuts are the only thing on my training table!

Seriously, though, this is a really big question. Are you looking to lose weight? I think that’s generally seen as not too probable when in a serious training period, as you’re fueling those workouts. Are you looking to increase or decrease certain components of your diet? Do you have deficiencies in your ride or training you’re looking to address?

I mean, if you just want to know, I just had a salad and some Twizzlers from the vending machine. The Twizzlers got stuck and I had to rock the hell out of the machine before they would fall. They were stale, anyway :frowning:


I’ll take a shot.

Breakfast: Tues/Wed/Thursday I do overnight oats with peanut butter for after my TR workout. Mon/Fri I usually do eggs and a bit of avocado. Sat/Sun I usually make sourdough pancakes with the whole family after my workout.

Lunch: usually something that’s plant based and easy to meal prep- lots of rice and beans, sometimes curry or soup when I make a big batch at home. Occasionally a wrap with tuna or chicken salad. Always have nuts and a square of dark chocolate. Usually will do raw veggies and hummus too.

I’m a terrible snacker but made some cashew and date bites recently that I try to reach for instead of candy or chips.

Dinner: can vary a lot from a big salad with chicken, spaghetti with meatballs, personal pizzas made on pitas. Been doing a lot of BLTs now that it’s tomato season. Usually have some sauteed veggies from the garden along with it.

Would love to hear what other people bring to work for lunch. Unfortunately we have basically no healthy options in the hospital I work at, go figure, and I tend to get stuck eating the same things over and over.

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Do you have access to a microwave, kettle, and fridge? Usually we make 3 or 4 portions of our evening meals and I use up the extra portions at lunch time while often swapping out the carbs for a portion of cous cous as I can make that fresh.

Also you work in a hospital and have no healthy options for lunch? That’s crazy? You could also try salads I suppose. I used to do that typically with fish like canned tuna or maybe some chorizo instead as the protein. I just don’t really care for salads and they took extra prep time the evening before.

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Yep, have a fridge and a microwave. I usually make 4-5 portions of something like this on Sunday, divide it up and bring that throughout the week: https://www.nomeatathlete.com/rice-and-beans/

I’m just getting tired of my go-to recipes so looking for new ideas from people with similar situations and goals :slight_smile: I like your chorizo suggestion!


Tues/Weds/Thurs you said overnight oats for after the TR workout, does that mean you’re doing the workout early and fasted?

Pre-early morning training: Banana or a couple medjool dates.

Breakfast: A big bowl of smoothie or oatmeal, depending on the season. Topped with nut butter and lots of other fixings.

Lunch: I batch cook something for the week that will reheat well in the microwave. I tend to mix it up depending on the season. My base formula is a carb (rice, polenta, quinoa) and a stew or one-pot type meal with lots of vegetables and either turkey or chicken for some protein. And cheese because I’m a sucker for it. Right now zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes are in season so I’ve been making riffs on ratatouille. You can poach an egg in a work microwave if you’re willing to get a little creative…

Snack options: Apple + PB, carrots + hummus, homemade trail mix

Dinner: Big salad with roasted potatoes, nuts, a couple eggs, goat cheese, homemade vinaigrette, and whatever other veggies or toppings I feel like adding.

Dessert: Homemade banana bread or brownies with nut butter and some ice cream and greek yogurt.

This is a pretty consistent daily schedule for me. I’m a triathlete, training is ~14 hrs/week, don’t really have off days.


Fairly typical day for me today


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Currently going down a bit on weight after letting myself get a bit heavier than I would like so this is a bit less than what I would normally eat to maintain.

For breakfast I have 1/2 cup of oats mixed with 1/2 cup of fruits.

For lunch I eat roughly 1/2 cup thai jasmine rice (before cooking, more after it is cooked but I only measure this before I cook it) with 1/2 a chicken breast and 2 cups of assorted veggies.

Dinner depends on my training volume that day but is mostly some eggs with a little bit of cheese and spinach or potatoes.

Throughout the day I snack on something like pears, apples or bananas and a couple small handfuls of nuts depending on how hungry I am.

For sweet spot and aerobic stuff, yes. For harder ones I’ll try to take in something like a rice cake or a piece of toast. If I’m a bit late getting out of bed or just need extra motivation, sometimes just a tablespoon or two of maple syrup will do the trick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Breakfast: scoop of whey
Am snack 1: cup of non fat yogurt
Am snack 2: epic jerky bar.
Lunch: chicken arugula and avo.

Afternoon snack: I was doing kodiak waffles now I’m switching to pbj sandwich’s.

Dinner usually post ride:
Smoothie: water, bananas, frozen fruit, spinach, and whey. Sometimes cherry juice.
Then one of the following: Tacos/Stir fry/ beans rice eggs/ Amy’s soup with bread.

I stopped eating oats I found it was too much fiber and I felt terrible.

Non-training mornings:
Normally I make a three egg omelette with spinach and a very little bit of cheese, some brown rice and salsa. Once in a while I’ll “splurge” and do Buckwheat pancakes instead. Yumm!

Trainer mornings:
Overnight oats with some berries and almonds and honey. Post workout since the workout is @ 04:00 and I have to be at work by 06:00.

Apple, banana, or orange, pb&j or turkey sandwich, a small handful of potato chips, carrots, cucumbers, and peppers, and a couple cookies

Whatever my wife made preceded most nights by a salad or raw veggies.

I don’t snack a lot and drink only water unless I’m on the bike.

Breakfast - small bowl of granola with blueberries and low fat yogurt (almost every day) after my TR workout.

Morning snack - handful of grapes are two large carrots

Lunch - spring/summer is a salad. Lettuce, tomatoes, couscous, chicken, beetroot and roasted cauliflower

autumn/winter is last nights leftovers. Usually brown rice or pasta based dish with chicken or turkey and lots of vegetables.

Dinner - chicken, fish, occasionally red meat such as quality steak. Steamed vegetables.

Snacks throughout the day are apples, pears and oranges. Other seasonal fruits are also included when available.

tons of fruits and veggies all the time.

lean the diet towards carbs on hard ride days (starting the night before)

lean more towards protein on recovery and post gym days

carb load with fruits and natural sugar before races

posted some nutrition blogs on our site here.



Non-caffiene tea, plain
21/2 hrsZone 2 ride with water only
Breakfast, eggs and spinach scramble
1/2 Grapefruit
Oatmeal with almonds, raisins, and blueberries.

Left over home made shrimp stir fry over rice

Snack 20 gm protein bar

Dinner Chicken Cacciatore, sauteed asparagus, salad
Small piece flowerless chocolate cake.

I’m cutting two pounds this week, so this is a little low:

wake 4AM – cup of coffee and a square of 95% cocoa chocolate, the bit of banana left over from making bagel sandwiches (see below)

get to school at 6:45 or so. At 7, eat breakfast: two tempeh and whole wheat pita bread sandwiches with spinach, carrots, mustard, pickle.

10 or 11 AM – between class snack of a clif bar and a clif builder bar

1PM lunch – two peanut butter and banana sandwiches on multi-grain bagels

3:45 or so – banana before training

dinner – 1 cup oats microwaved with snow peas, broccoli, carrots. I add two scrambled eggs, soy sauce, pepper, ginger.

bed by 8-8:30

after I get back to 70kg, I’ll add in a small first breakfast and another snack during the day. workouts are usually 1500-1800kj during the week, except recovery days.

I eat salads every day… simple and fresh…
with tomatoes, cucumbers and more…
One of my favourite - Mustard Green Salad

M-F mine is pretty repetitive so I can save time on work days

-most days I stir protein powder into plain greek yogurt and add chia seeds, some crushed almonds, and a little cereal and fruit
-or oatmeal with some fruit once or twice a week

-PBJ on whole wheat bread almost everyday for as long as I can remember, seriously
-small orange

-I rotate between cooking some beef or chicken and then using that over a few days in tacos, burritos, salads, burrito bowls etc
-salmon patties and rice every couple of weeks
-On days I’m at the gym late or ride late and don’t want to cook I pick up a couple of chicken wraps from Chick Fila near the gym

There’s a few other things I rotate in for dinner when I have time to cook like chili, quiche. I like the Feed Zone Cookbook and the Racing Weight Cookbook for ideas.

At any point in the day, especially over the weekend if I need a meal I’m known to sub in bacon, eggs and toast or make breakfast burritos.

I have 2-3 snacks a day usually fruit, peanuts, pistachios or cheese sticks, I buy beef jerky once in awhile and if I get hungry or want a snack at home I have some popcorn

Eating mostly the same during the day makes my grocery shopping easy and I like the yogurt bowl (and the nutrition of it) and have pretty much always eaten a PBJ for lunch, if it was an option.

If I have an event or long ride I’ve been going with toast and coffee. If it’s something shorter I just wait to eat after I get done.

I really don’t like yogurt, but my mom prescribe me this to eat and she added it to my breakfast and day meal. She makes it by herself using a yogurt maker. You can too try it. I have published an in-depth review on this here - https://timeforlifenow.com/best-yogurt-makers.html

Oh yeah this is one of my favorites as well. However, there isn’t a day when I don’t eat any kind of potato chips. I am now sure that I’m addicted to it. Not to mention those seasonal flavours.

In any other given case pretty much on a daily basis it goes like this.


  • Oatmeal
  • Eggs


  • Vegetables
  • Dairy product 10% of a meal size
  • Meat 10-20% only of a meal

Fruit on a daily basis.
Salads on a daily basis.
I do drink can of coke and energy as well.
Peanuts, chips, dried fruits as well on a daily basis.

This is pretty much on any given day.