Manually bump FTP or wait to end of SSB HV 1?

Background. Relatively new cyclist. About 12k miles the last 3 years. A few gravel races, a handful of cx races.
Lotsa road and group rides. Winter 2017 began base training, SSB Mid Volume. Became very ill with viral meningitis March 2018. My FTP was around 310. Although I’ve completed loads of SSB workouts at 310 ftp, I’ve never FTP tested (ramp or 8min) at 310 ftp. I’ve always just manually bumped it up a bit and had no trouble completing workouts. Then spent 3 weeks in bed, then spent the next 12 weeks off the bike recovering from VM. Did some light base training in July/Aug of 2018, then rode 1,200 miles in 12 days for a charity ride. Felt strong and had multiple 115+ mile days. First week of October, ramp tested at 281. After 3 solid weeks of strong SSB High Volume 1, crushing every workout, I feel good. Workouts feel a bit uncomfortable, but not in my legs and zero muscle soreness. I feel I can raise intensity 5-10% at end of 2 hour sessions.

Since I haven’t had any VO2 max in a year, that most likely accounts for my lower FTP via Ramp Test. Makes sense. My diet is super clean now and I feel great in high volume plan. I feel like I’m responding quickly, so should I manually bump my FTP up halfway through SSBHV1 or complete the 6 weeks and re-ramp test at start of SSBHV2? If so, is 5% bump now too much? Should I bump only 2-3% each week? Or just wait to retest?

Thanks for your insight.

I’d wait. I don’t think of Sweet Spot HV workouts as breaking point workouts - they are all lower IF and you shouldn’t be at that failure point. If you’re really anxious about it you can bump up individual workouts as you do them - but you’ve only got two weeks of serious work left in SSB1 and running 5-10 watts too low won’t kill you

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Just wait. If you are consistently completing workouts right now, you are in a good spot. SSBHV2 will be harder, so don’t worry :wink: