No increase in FTP but workouts are easier?

I finished my SSBMV1 last week and took some days off the bike as well. Went into SSBMV2 on Monday and did the ramp test.

The results was a bit interesting. My ftp results were actually the same as when i first took the test in December. Which was 215

I actually retook the ramp test again for SSBMV1 thrice and used the highest ftp of 228 for the training.

Maybe that was why i did not do very well in the workouts.

This time round, the ftp results ended up being the same as December.

I figured maybe i did not improve or something so i did the first workout Geiger+2.

After the 4th block, i realised my heart rate was just slightly into my zone 3 hr zone.

So i bumped the intensity by 3% and my HR went up a few beats but still well within Zone 3.

Should i bump my FTP up more so it goes into Zone 4 during SS sessions or should i stick with my current FTP?

Base training is basetraining. Its improves your fitness alot, and is laying the foundation to upcoming gains. You have “practiced” longer intervals for some time now, and your Heart doesnt require so much blood as before, because your fitness is improving - so your heart dont stress as much as before. I am in the same bout here, i can do FTP interval sets, where i am in the zone 3 - but i know, if I bump up the intensity, i wont last the whole session.

Ill leave it . unless your legs is not screaming :slight_smile: - Lets the legs decide, not the heartrate.

It’s likely that you are fitter because you have increased fatigue resistance, especially since you’re noticing this after SSB volume 1 (a phase that focuses on “extensive” type workouts). SSB volume 2 will actually do less pure sweet spot work in favor of more “intensive” workouts (threshold, VO2max). That block, and subsequently a Build phase are when you would expect to see FTP increases, if you complete the work and life doesn’t get in the way. Granted, some folks report FTP increases after Vol 1, but it’s not really what that phase is designed to do.

Also, I would not mess with the intensity like you’ve been doing, especially based on HR. Volume 2 will break you of that habit. It’s hard.


My tacx vortex came and i made the first spin the ramp test since I need to have a baseline of how it performs.

My ftp came out as 230 which was almost a 7% increase from less than a week back. I suspect if I had enough rest and harden up at the last few minutes, it would have been even more.

Probably will increase the intensity for the next workout and see how it goes.

All in all,I’m quite happy my training reap rewards. :grin::grin::grin:

Use the FTP of 230 from the test, at least for a week or so. It is a better option than just bumping the intensity based on what you think you should have got.

If you feel it is significantly out then wait a day and take the test again before starting the next phase of the plan

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Yes! I meant to ride at 230 first for the next few weeks. I am more than happy to take a few weeks easy.

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