Is this cheating?

I just finished SSB1 low volume. I added 1 Pettit, 1VO2 max (or threshold), and 1 2+ hour ride per week in the tempo/SS range. I have noticed that the workouts have been much easier and increased the difficulty of most of my intervals ~ 10% the last 2 weeks before recovery. I know that my FTP has increased significantly over the starting point of 184.

That being said, would it be cheating to manually bump my FTP about 10% before doing a ramp test tomorrow to spend less time in the beginning of the ramp phase?

To me, it seems like it could be wasting energy in the early stages that I know will be more useful at the end of the ramp test. However I know that part of the ramp test is the incremental increases in power output. What are your thoughts?

The early stages are easy enough that a 10% bump will make no difference. I would leave it at your FTP for now but if you want to bump it 10% anyway it should not matter.

Keep in mind that if you do keep it at your FTP once you surpass the 19:30 mark you will be adding to your FTP.

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Will make v little difference either way. If I was totally sure I’d risen then see no harm in manually riding ftp prior to test but wouldn’t worry either way - results should be v similar

Make it consistent with the other tests, do not try to shorten it. Overall the test and warmup is so short, I would even assume that 1-2 minutes longer warmup might give you a better result.

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Leave your FTP where it is. My first FTP coming off time off due to injury was 155. After Traditional Base 1 low volume it bumped all the way up to 277. Its fun to get to the point where Coach Chad runs out of things to say.

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Thank you for all of the advice, I will keep it consistent and start from my current FTP!

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Cheating is a strong word for adjusting your own FTP. It doesn’t affect anybody. FWIW I would leave it where it is for now.

Agree with leaving FTP alone for test. However, you SHOULD have manually adjust your FTP up for the last 2 weeks of your plan. If ever you’re in a plan and you’re upping the intensity of every workout, expecially harder intervals, then your FTP is too low. Simply up your FTP (conservatively) by about the amount you’ve been increasing the intensity during workouts. Then reassess how that new FTP feels the following week. You’d get more out of the plan doing so.