SSB2HV - another ramp test mid-way?

I’m doing week 4 of SSB2HV at the moment and wondering if I should retest. At the start of phase 2 it was brutal, but now I’m at the stage where the 2 hour sessions aren’t taxing me anywhere near as much as they did when I started, nor like they did throughout phase 1. I’m generally adding 5 to 10 watts on top of my target power.

Although I say I’m on week 4, I’ve had 2 weeks where I took most of it off (sick and then knee pain) and then repeated the full week the week after. Going by that I’m actually on my 6th week of phase 2 training. I’m keen to finish the full plan and was aiming to repeat the final week anyway to fit my A race schedule. So my question is, should I continue for another 3 weeks and finish the plan with this FTP, or would it be more beneficial to re-test before then?


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Finish the plan.

Finish the plan but just manually adjust your FTP by 5-10 watts if the workouts aren’t challenging you as you’d expect them to. You can do an FTP test if you just want to, but it’s not necessary.