Make up work outs?

If you miss a workout on your plan do you make it up on your rest day or do you forget about it and stick with the plan? Also, does a outdoor ride count towards your indoor workout structured plan if you hit or surpass the desired TSS or is it considered a missed workout as well?

Keep on going. One missed ride won’t make or break your program.

Perhaps varying opinions. If I miss a workout and have a rest day the next day, I’ll try to make it up assuming I just virtually swapped my rest day and work out days. The workouts don’t have to be performed on specific days of the week. If it starts to interfere with the next workout, I’ll probably skip.

Group rides can substitute for workouts from a TSS perspective, however, generally the outdoor ride quality is not as high as a workout would be, so don’t assume you will get the same benefit. At the end of the day, some of us want to ride our bikes outside, so many make that tradeoff.

Depends what it is - if it’s a workout that targets a current weak spot then I’ll try and do it and reschedule the following workout.

I do the low volume plans so only three workouts per week meaning I can freestyle things at the weekend depending on weather, mood, whether there’s an ‘r’ in the month, etc.