‘Other workouts’

A stupid question I know, but does anyone program in a substitute ride on a day where you had a scheduled workout planned but instead keep your better half happy by shovelling turf and soil for a couple of hours? I just could not pull myself together to do a workout later but I’m on a low volume training plan and it cut a reasonable chunk out of my weekly total. No drama if that is stupid, just curious.

That’s one of the benefits with having the calendar now. Just move the missed workout to another day (particularly manageable on LV plans, less so MV and HV).


Same situation recently:) to be honest shoveling the dirt for couple od hours was a workout on its own - taxating as much as 1.5h SS workout, so in this situation do some easy Endurance ride (Z2) and harder workout next day.

Maybe there should be some support group for shoveling men or at least TSS calculation for this activity.

Haha totally true. Every holiday I take seems to start with my better half ordering a trailer load of something heavy to move or shovel!