Make SIS BETA fuel yourself just a few pence per bottle

Just wanted to comment that I’ve never seen 2:1 called 1:0.5. Makes sense, it just caught my eye.


Thinking out loud here…

Trying to nail down fueling for a “fast” century with maybe one stop for water. Want to get my gut trained to handle as much as possible. Target time 5hr fwiw.

I do my long road rides with 2 1000ml bottles which usually last 2 hours each. I’ve handled 85g/hr of carbs in a couple long races earlier in the year. Sometimes I teeter on gut distress depending on the effort level though.

What I’m wondering is if I mix 2 hours worth of carbs per bottle (around 20% mix, call it 160g in 1000ml bottle minus the room the powder takes up) would that be way too much to handle?

I normally do 90g in these big bottles and the taste is great and it works well coupled with other things like gels and stroopwaffles. This is 2:1 Gatorade powder, maltodextrin and some sodium citrate.

I know the only way to find out is to try but just had these thoughts pop up this morning and thought I’d see if anyone is doing something similar.

I do 120 - 160g in my litre bottles. 1 per hour plus a couple of gels. Zero issues but any stronger than 160g/l and it gets too concentrated for me and I feel dehydrated. I think there’s a concentration tipping point in the stomach which has been discussed above (and I didn’t try to follow or understand :sweat_smile:).

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I’ve found that on longer rides I crave pure water after about 3 hours. I’ll start with two (somewhat) super concentrated bottles (probably 100-120 g) and gels for an emergency bonk recovery, then switch to one super concentrated bottle and one pure water bottle at the first (only) fill up.


sucrose iis lower on the sweetness scale than fructose, so replacing some of the maltodextrin and fructose with sucrose should lower the overall sweetness.

The follow-up…

the craving for pure water is because at the carb levels you are talking about you might actually be dehydrating yourself. that’s a lot of calories to sit in your small intestine and your body is going to be pulling fluids to the area to try and absorb, which in turn basically dehydrates you. i’d be interested to know how you felt if you knocked it back to 80-90g of carbs and if you still felt the same way just as a test.

Use lime juice for flavoring, it cuts the “sweet” with a bit of sour/tart flavor which is slightly less fatiguing on the palate i find


I think in his case it may have also been sodium-related because he was approaching 3000mg/L which is about double the typical top-end recommendation.

Adding sodium also helps this. But going that route after seeing his recap is probably a bad call! haha

Thats what I do