Make SIS BETA fuel yourself just a few pence per bottle

I just use a teaspoon and give it a shake after scooping to make sure it’s pretty level at the top. TBH, if I get 900mg per hour or 1200mg per hour, it’s not going to make much difference 99% of the time. At least not enough benefit to accuracy to outweigh the time-cost of using and storing a food scale in my motorhome (full-time RV life).


Just in case you missed it

So, if you need an extra 600mg on top of the Gatorade, it’s a little more than 1/2 a teaspoon of Sodium Citrate or 1 teaspoon of Table Salt. He’s not saying to measure the milligrams, he’s saying “just use a teaspoon”.

Sorry I was referring to measuring Sodium Citrate. Thanks again guys!

No I got that, more poking fun at a very specific concentration recommendation, then YOLOing it by eyeballing. The difference between a nutritionist and a chemical engineer I suppose


Does anyone know how to replicate the skratch superfuelmix?

I have custer dextrin to use, but it seems they are using clusterdextrine and fructose.
Are they using the same 2:1 ratio to get to the 400 calories in a serving?
ie. 60g cluster + 40g fructose

Currently I mainly do maltodextrin and fructose, wondering what the benefits might be for switching to clusterdextrin? The cost is almost double between the two.

Weight savings in your wallet - helps on steep climbs :slight_smile:
I guess I’m skeptical of the benefits - as I understand them, the point is that this breaks down to glucose slower in the small intestine, keeping the osmolality lower in the gut. I think when you are selling very expensive sugar water (and your COGS is likely relatively small), stuff like this becomes attractive to differentiate your products. Even if the basic claims are true (ie slower breakdown in the gut), is the difference in speed enough to expect there to be a meaningful performance difference, and is that performance difference actually measurable in practice.
At the suggestion of @Dr_Alex_Harrison I have tried just straight sucrose (really gatorade powder + sucrose) at about 10% concentration (ie 100 grams sugar/1000ml) and other than being sickly sweet that worked for me without gut distress on a long ride. Tolerance will obviously vary between people, but this has me experimenting with the cheap sugar options to see what my limit with those is before I make more complicated/expensive mixes.


If you want cheap then do what i am currently doing which is bulk malto and bulk sucrose purchases.
When you buy then 25lbs at a time its next to nothing per bottle.


This is the correct answer.

No benefit to cluster dextrin or highly branched cluster dextrin (HBCD) over maltodextrin.

Laughably, most cluster dextrin retailers are marketing supps with no source of fructose, making their $60/tub supplement worse than just eating sugar for intra-workout fueling.


I just want to say that I love you…as long as you feed me carbs.

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Physiology is already murky & messy even within individual, let alone between individuals. My mechanical engineer bro-in-law always loses his mind when we talk about biomechanics and I use angle and torque ranges that are obscenely broad from an engineering perspective. Humans are messy. Psychology and decision-making habits make them even messier.

Zero disrespect intended by the following… just attempting to provide potentially humorous (to me, anyway!) context of what happens in the sport dietetics field:

Undergrad degree in nutrition: “weigh and measure everything.” (OCD about accuracy)
PhD’s: “it’s close enough”


My wife would be upset seeing 50 lbs of sugar come into the house all at once :slight_smile: 10 lb bags from the grocery store are good enough cost wise. I already get some grief from my family when they see me mixing the 10-15% sugar solutions… It really is a disgusting amount of sugar.

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Your slow twitch post said 1000mg / tbsp, not tsp. Which is correct?

What’s a factor of 3 between friends (and a PhD) :slight_smile:

Sorry @Dr_Alex_Harrison, I couldn’t resist :innocent:

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While I don’t know if 1000mg or 1500mg or 15,000mg is the appropriate amount, i’ll be damn sure i’ll put exactly the amount that is specified so the experiment is repeatable!

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Yeah, a recent visit with my parents I was making up some bottles for the next days ride and it just set my 75 year old diabetic mother off the deep end when she walked into the kitchen as I went “field expedient” using NUNN tabs and table sugar,… tried explaining but the “mom look” was still strong…

That’s old school thinking. Sugar is fuel on the bike. I’d say it’s not disgusting at all, it’s optimal fuel for your body.

I get this when i demolish pancakes and nutella for breakfast and pile 200g of malto and sucrose into bottles. When my folks were staying with me for a week the look accompanied by “that’s not what athletes eat” comment was just hilarious.
Don’t mind me over here crushing “non athletic meals” while in the best shape of my life…


I believe I corrected that post a couple months ago. ~1000mg per teaspoon is correct. And actually… I have not done the hard math to figure out the error there. So this is one of those “close enough” moments. :slight_smile:


Oh, just some solid cramps and diarrhea. Ya know, no biggie. :wink:

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@Dr_Alex_Harrison and others might find this article interesting. Tl;dr women may be better at muscular glucose uptake than men inspite of greater fat stores. Not totally sure what to do with this information encouraging though it is. Maybe just keep slamming more sugar?

How do you make the DIY mix less sweet? I do 1:0.5 maltodextrin to fructose, and having 90g in a bottle is super sweet, which makes me not want to drink it. I know the fructose is the sweet one, which is why I have a 1:1/2 ratio. I’ve used GU roctane drink mix and it doesn’t taste nearly as sweet with the same amount of carbs.

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