Make SIS BETA fuel yourself just a few pence per bottle

I’ll ask a friend more knowledgable about technical ingredients than I about the specific Gellan variety to use, and will post here again once I have a recipe I’ve made and works.


I can also do a Maurten gel clone too, if you prefer that texture.

SIS uses Gellan to thicken like Gu does.

Maurten uses Sodium Alginate to form their BIOPOLYMER MATRIX (strawberry jello is also a “biopolymer matrix” :joy:).

This would be stupid simple to make, with Sodium Alginate being familiar to those who know the “Spherification” trend in cooking/dining years ago.


Sodium alginate is what they use in fast food milkshakes too, ie McDonald’s “triple thick” means triple the alginate!

Based on what I found online, I don’t think so…

"### View Ingredients and Allergens

Vanilla Ice Milk

Milk ingredients, sugar, modified milk ingredients, glucose, mono and diglycerides, guar gum, dextrose, carrageenan, cellulose gum, natural flavour, sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate."

They are using a good combo of guar/carrageenan/cellulose gum. Makes sense since some of these have synergistic properties with dairy.

I’ve never made an alginate thickened milkshake, but I think it would be snotty/phlegm-y in texture, much like the Maurten gels.

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Your right they must have changed it. It been almost 20 years since my undergrad chemical engineering classes!

Some shakes still have it


Gold Medal Ribbon Ice Cream: Cream, Caramel Ribbon [Corn Syrup, Sweetened Condensed Milk (Milk, Sugar), Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Butter (Sweet Cream, Salt), Propylene Glycol, Sodium Alginate, Salt, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Soy Lecithin,

Had a thought…

Let’s say I was going to shoot for 90g/hr but plan to use a lighter drink mix, let’s say 68g per 1000ml, of Gatorade and regular sugar and plan to make up the difference with an SiS gel which is 22g maltodextrin. Should I alter what I use in the drink mix to get a “happy” 1:1 or 2:1 ratio and if so, how?

Also @Dr_Alex_Harrison I used your recommendation for caffeine in a mtb race race this weekend and had a breakthrough performance. Not sure it was 100% what did it as I made a couple other small tweaks but I’m sure it was a major factor. So thanks for that!

Just simple math problem to solve for;
if you were going to do you 90g utilizing a 2:1 mix, then that has you doing a 60g/30g of malto/fructose.
You know that the gel is 22g of pure malto so all you need to be doing is a 38g/30g mix in your bottle to keep the ratio whole over the hour.

make sense?

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Nah, close enough is fine, especially if you’re not pushing the upper limits of gut tolerance. The Gatorade + Sugar mix is prob high enough in fructose you’re good to go.

Caffeine is very mildly physiologically performance-enhancing (via fat ox), but in my experience is STRONGLY psychologically performance enhancing. I decide to push harder, and more consistently suffer with high caffeine intake as compared to without any. My wife experiences the same.


Hi @Dr_Alex_Harrison our Gatorade in Australia is a 3:1 sucrose: glucose ratio.

Do I still just add sugar to it and if so how much per serve.


I was using Bulk Powders Complete Protein in Choc flavour and it was acceptable. I tried their vanilla flavour and its spot on. Very much like Vanilla ice cream :+1:

Hey, @redlude97, you may be right, assuming Gatorade in USA is the same as AUS, it’s mostly sucrose. Certainly makes financial sense. Unbeknownst to Gatorade’s marketing department, it also makes sense for performance.

If true in USA, further evidences that very high rates of fructose intake are feasible during long training sessions, when paired with glucose and some sodium.

@onesully, I’d bet you can do exactly as I have laid out here Saving Money as an Endurance Athlete and be just fine.

Or as laid out here:

Basically: Gatorade for flavor. Sugar to meet hourly carb goal. Don’t forget sodium.


interesting that they actually listed it. They don’t have the endurance powder in Australia. From a marketing/performance perspective I think that is actually the product designed by Dr. Jeukendrup which is probably close to 2:1 since he prefers maltodextrin.

Gatorade’s recommended serving size is still ~60g/hour so not sure if it actually says much about increased fructose consumption past 30g/hour

Pretty good new podcast from Scientific Triathlon with Precision Hydration as they design their own carb products.

Pretty key points, not a lot of evidence what ratio is best, 2:1 has the most evidence but pro teams are not tracking it carefully but rather just total carbs even at >100g/hour.

Hydrogels are kind of a marketing gimmick.

Pick 1-2 workouts/week for this strategy, not every ride.

Pay attention to other components ie salt etc, and total water consumption

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I’m curious as to his rationale here. Added to my media to-do list.

I should add that in my experience in elite sport (both as a coach and athlete at US Olympic Training Centers) the lack of nutritional understanding by the best coaches, athletes, and even the sport dietitians on staff at the OTC’s and with pro teams, is nothing short of alarming.

I suspect that the reason they’re not tracking it in the pro peloton or elsewhere in elite sport is at least 50% driven by lack of knowledge of the folks calling the shots.


It sounds like it has more to do with the variety of foods pros are eating during races, ie various bars, biscuits, rice cakes etc.

I’d bet money this is driven by old-school “solid food is better/essential” type thinking.

But cool that they’re routinely doing >100g/hr with less than perfect fuel sources for intake maximization.

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I dunno, if you watch pros during stages when they get their feed bags you routinely see them throwing away gels etc. and opting for the real food including plenty that would not be considered optimal on the bike like ham/cheese and fats etc. Consuming only sugar water for 3 straight weeks does not sound appealing to me at all

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Dr. In your energy/nutrition drink that you have listed with Gatorade, sugar, sodium citrate, and table salt could I use tailwind instead of the Gatorade? I have a couple bags left before I am out. Probably a dumb question as I do not totally understand all the nutritional information you have been throwing out there. Thanks

If you are very strict about hitting a 2:1 glucose/fructose ratio, for every 8 parts of gatorade powder, add 1 part pure glucose to total your desired #.

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