Looking for advice with where to go (post/end SSB2 MV)

I had a really rough last couple days with off the bike stress (final exams) with terrible sleep, etc. I finished that successfully yesterday, but when I went to do my workout (Spencer +2) that I’d moved as a result of this, I had a DNF, and it just felt like the last couple of days sucked everything out of me, including when I got on the bike. I’m honestly not sure if I can finish the rest of this (tough) final week of SSB2. Earlier in the phase, I was also derailed by a bad ear infection, which I have since recovered from. I successfully finished SSB1 MV before this and my FTP is at an all time high as of right now (247->260->267->275->280 progression this year, second year of TR).

Here is what my last 4 weeks look like (sick nov 29-dec2, covid scare AKA close contact positive dec 7/8 - held off on workouts, exams dec 14-15):

Calendar Link: - TrainerRoad

I need some advice on where to go from here. I’ll be off the bike for 3 days around New Years (visiting family) and will be moving halfway across the country (IL->MA) for a job middle of January, so that’s something to take into account. I’m mostly just doing TR to somewhat gain fitness while racing is somewhat on hold.

Two sets of questions - what to do now and what to do in general:

Now, do I:
A) Try and tough out the rest of the week and take the recovery week as planned?
B) Modify this week to be a little easier (think SS vs threshold) and take the recovery week next week?
C) Move into the recovery week immediately for the next 10 days?
D) Move into the recovery week immediately, start next phase/ramp test mid week?
E) Recovery week now, but finish the remaining 3 workouts before the next phase?
F) Do easy SS workouts until I will have a recovery week new years week (so time off the bike is actually a part recovery vs missed workouts)?

Next phase should I (If I don’t have specific races I’m targeting & keeping in mind I’ll have to take a couple days off 2/6 weeks). I mostly race crit, but like general fitness:

C) Build (General or Short Power (?)) HV
D) Build (General or Short Power (?)) MV

I will probably have time to dedicate to HV (vs before) as well.

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Part 1, C. Just give yourself a real break. Cut the stress from workouts and hope the life stress comes down too. Keep it loose and even consider skipping a recovery workout if you aren’t feeling it.

I just got done with over 3 weeks break and I did just one easy 60 minute ride in the middle of that time. I needed a release from the stress (mind and body) and am now more recovered and motivated than before.

So, a nice break can be a good thing. Not saying you need 3 weeks like I did, but 1 week may fit your schedule well and still be helpful.

And for Part 2, don’t sweat that until you finish Part 1. Again, keep the stress low and figure that out when you are more recovered and have a clearer head.

My only comment is that you should really consider if HV is something you need or want. Its a beast and hurts far more than the apparent time demands.

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Just looking at Leconte, Lamarck, and wrights peak 3 days in a row is enough to make me tired. Even feeling resting and totally fresh I don’t think I would recommend that.

Definitely take a week of recovery. If after a few days, you have the urge to get in your bike, don’t do more than 1 hour zone 2. At the end of the week, if you aren’t totally jonesing to get on your bike and life hasn’t calmed down, repeat another recovery week.

End of the year madness and holidays are stressful! Don’t try to do too much. And good luck!


Similar situation to yourself, just finished that week. Bailed halfway through Spencer, and dragged myself across the line on Lamarck. I took two days off before Leconte and still had to dial it down 10% for the last set. Another two days off before WP and bailed with the last 10 minute set to go. As said above, maybe a whole week of recovery before attempting the week would have been a better idea.

Either way, I’m now taking a couple of easy weeks over the holidays before starting build - like you, no particular races, just general fitness in mind, so I can afford the time off and think I need it.

As for moving up to HV, my instinct would be to hold off for now - whatever the reasons SSB2 got derailed for you, it’s a big jump in TSS and you need to be sure you’re ready for it.