Count a weeks sick as a recovery week?

For the first time in a couple of years I’ve been motivated to train rigourously and have completed most of SSB MV1, I’d been feeling good, but I’m currently in week 5 and have got sick and so not done any workouts.

I know there is the functionality to bump everything along by a week, but one of my target races of the year fall at the end of the SSB2 recovery week so I don’t want to mess up that schedule.

I’m not sure whether to just to accept these workouts are not being done and step into next weeks recovery week workouts as planned as soon as I am better. Alternatively, do I take this wek as the recovery week and do this weeks workouts next week instead of the recovery workouts.

I would have taken this second approach in the past, so I wouldnt have two easy weeks next to each other, but now I think about it, my body is still under stress this week from being ill and so my legs probably arent recovering (they still feel fatigued even though I’ve not ridden since sunday).

Any thoughts? As I am training towards cx season, I can always tag on a couple more weeks base at the end of SSB2 to make up for the lost workouts.

If you’ve been off the bike, on your back, unable to do much at all type of sick, I wouldn’t class that as a recovery week. Your body has been pretty busy behind the scenes. If this is the case, I would be very tempted to repeat the previous week, just to bring you back up to speed, followed by the week you’re currently missing, then recovery.

I can see that this will not run perfectly with your schedule but it’s the approach I’d take if I found myself in the situation.

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Being sick is not a recovery week.


I’m in this exact situation at the moment (5th week SSB2). I’ve only had a mild cold, and have therefore done short endurance rides this week (actually made me feel loads better). I’m thinking that (assuming well) I’ll do week 5 of SSB2 next week, and following that if feeling strong and recovered move onto build week 1, if not take a recovery week.

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^ This ^

…and this for how to properly come back:


first priority is get back to 100% @Ferrals.

Then, ease into it…an endurance ride, a tempo ride, and when you KNOW that you are 100%, sprinkle in the intensity.

Take a big picture look at the calendar then, since things have shifted, and make the necessary adjustments. Lmk if you need help with that.

CX is a long ways away, so don’t fret; it’s all good.

Keep us posted!