Longer mid volume workouts or high volume SSB with some workouts missed


First post so go easy on me!

I’m limited to three trainer and one outside workouts per week but once I’m on the trainer I have up to 2 hours per workout.

I’ve been looking at the mid volume SSB plan and using workout variations to extend the duration but not all workouts have longer options. Would I therefore be better to follow the high volume plan but only do the Tuesday, Thursday and one weekend ride?

My targets for next season are 60-90 mile road races and I feel longer sessions on the trainer would benefit this as all my races are over 2 hours.

Cheers Adam

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Hey there Adam! Since you can only do three days on the trainer anyway, there isn’t any point in going to the high volume plan. Generally, a high volume plan is just a mid volume plan with an extra endurance ride thrown in so you are riding 6 days instead of 4/5 with a mid volume plan.

I would actually suggest following a low volume plan (three workouts a week) and then adding in your one outdoor ride. This will make everything more simple because you won’t have to choose which 3 workouts, out of the five given to you with a mid volume plan, to do indoor each week; you will just be given three workouts.

If you want to extend the workouts and there is no longer version, you can just load a different endurance workout and do that for as long as you want in order to rack up some extra TSS.

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