Editing training plans

Hi guys,

First off all sorry for bad english its not my main language.
Ive been in SSB HIGH 1 almost finished week 5.
Ive been switchting workouts on how i feel, and trying to combine it with work.
Is this a good thing. Or shud i follow the plan strictly? The tss is close to The high volume plan.
My goal is racing and some good results at grandfondo’s. i’m not skipping the rest days. Is the taper week needed?

Want to hear some opinions of u guys


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Hi Jens!

Great job sticking with the High Volume SSB plan, that’s not easy work.
It’s just fine to adjust your training to reflect other things going on in life and work, and it’s really good that you’re paying attention to how you feel as well. As long as you’re following along week-by-week, you’re still getting the training adaptations from the plan.

The plans are suggestions on how to train, not necessarily guidelines, and personalizing them to fit your schedule is highly encouraged. I’m doing the same thing as we speak, editing the training plan I’m following and dragging workouts around to other days.

Additionally, here is a resource I hope will help you as you continue to customize your training plan even further:



Ok super. Thank you for the information and quick response!

I have a related question. I find I am able to devote somewhere between the time required for a mid and high volume plan. I struggle to make time for more than 60min workouts during the week (typical for mid), but have no issues riding 2+ hours on the weekends (typical for high).

How do you recommend I customize my plan? Should I start with the high volume and select the shorter versions of the weekday workouts when available? Or should I start with the mid volume and substitute the weekend workouts for those from the corresponding week in the high volume plan? I know each week’s work follows a rhythm and want to disrupt that as little as possible.

Thanks for the help!
@Nate_Pearson @chad

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I think either of these approaches will work, the main difference being that high volume is almost entirely sweet spot whereas the low/mid volume have a little more intensity.

Another approach could be to stick with the mid volume plan and use the additional time you have for complementary training (ie S&C / Yoga) or additional recovery which is likely required with the high levels of TSS you’re adding in.

  • That is only true for Sweet Spot Base.
  • The Build and Specialty phase HV plans are not SS centered like Base.

I only mention this because @jlacey doesn’t specify the precise phase(s) of interest.

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Yes, spot on @mcneese.chad. All plans are of interest as my schedule is pretty set year-round.

To try and anticipate another specific question: I know some mid volume plans have 75min workouts mid-week, but I’m trying to generalize a bit for the sake of brevity. Perhaps I should’ve started a new thread haha.

Nah, this is good.

For you initial question, the oversimplified approach of starting with Mid Vol and adding or increasing rides seems to be a good starting point. It is often preferred because you are “adding” which can feel better than starting with High Vol and “dropping” or removing.

That would be my choice in your situation.

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Good spot @mcneese.chad, I made an assumption which proved to be incorrect.

FWIW I agree mentally it is probably better to add to MV rather than drop from HV (this is certainly what I’ve found with LV vs MV plans.

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