SSB Mid Volume Monday-Friday, High Volume on the weekends?

Driving myself nuts, getting ready to jump into a base phase and I’ve typically done the mid volume with no issues. I’ve had great race results and have been training for many years. Just finished my first full year of TR for 2020.

Trying to crack the 4w/kg club this year and I’m wondering if throwing in some more base miles is the ticket.

My training situation; I can pull off riding 60 minutes outside (sometimes 75 if I “get lost”) Monday - Friday. Rather ride outdoors than in, keeps me sane. On the weekends I can be a little more flexible, and 2-3 hours wouldn’t be a problem.

My thoughts: Adapt the SSB Mid Volume during the week (60 minutes), and doing the High Volume plans on the weekends, which seems to be 2 hours. Or even adding Z2 work post workout to prep for 130+ miles of BWR Asheville.

I would do this and see how I feel, and then see if I can apply it to the Build Phase.