SSB High Volume plan, except spanning ~10 weeks

Hello folks,

I am a TR user for approximately a year, have done structured training for slightly longer than that. I’ve gained a decent amount of experience but could use some guidance/validation/tips on plan modifications. Sorry if this is very long to read, I want to provide good context.

I am focusing on SSB workouts through the winter months, but also leaving myself the option of doing one or two outdoor rides on the weekends. Essentially, weekend outdoor fun rides come first with TR workouts coming in second priority.

For months now I’ve been bouncing between Low and Mid volume plans:

At Mid volume with four main workouts (skipping the zone 2 workout) I struggle to fit them all in with my outdoor rides while also trying to have two recovery days. That’s 2 outdoor rides + 4 workouts + 2 recovery days = 8 days out of 7. Hmm. If I skip a main workout I feel bad. If I skip a recovery day then that negatively affects my training. If I skip an outdoor weekend ride well that’s kind of depressing.

At Low volume, now I can fit the 3 workouts during the weekdays, get 2 days of recovery, 2 outdoor rides = 7 days out of 7. Hooray! This is the better option vs Mid, and is currently what I am doing. However

Now I find myself thinking the low volume is too low volume in terms of individual workout duration. On multiple occasions I’ve swapped a workout to a plus variant to get more and/or longer intervals. This isn’t too bad and is kind of fun seeing all the workout variants, but it’s starting to require too much thinking. I just want to come home from work, plop myself on the bike and do the workout of the day.

Given all the above, I am looking for guidance/validation on whether this is a good idea:

Why not schedule the SSB1 (and then SSB2) High-Volume plan, but span it to 10-11 weeks on the calendar, at 3 main workouts per week? Is this bad? I plan to skip the easy zone-2 days or schedule them during the weekend if the weather is bad.

Thank you for any input!

Other notes:
I don’t plan on doing outdoor TR workouts. The outdoor stuff is just for fun.
I like the idea of strictly doing SSB workouts, which only the HV plan offers, during the winter months.
I want to at least try the HV idea, and if it doesn’t pan out then that is experience gained.

If one of your outdoor rides is reasonably close to demand for one of the main workouts, you aren’t “skipping” anything.

I think the simple solution is to replace one TR workout with your outside ride and be done with it.