Mid volume frequency but less total ride time available, what to do?

Hello, I searched the threads and didn’t find something that fit my specific situation so I am starting a new thread.
With any luck @mcneese.chad may chime in on this thread for everyone’s benefit that is in a similar situation? :thinking:
I have been on TR not quite 2 years. The first year I was highly tinkering with my plan as I was never doing a workout over 45 min long. This past year I have pretty consistently stuck to low volume and have even added in some endurance rides and outside rides as well.
So now I have adjusted and am riding 5 and the odd time 6 days a week (if I am not running or swimming). However, I can always do rides of at least 60 min or longer, but on the trainer, I may only have time for two, 90 min rides during the week and one 2-4 hour outdoor ride April - Sept (through fall and winter I may only ride on the trainer once on the weekend for 90-120 min).
I can do the mid volume frequency, 5 rides per week, however (below based on SSB plan roughly):

  • 3 rides are or 90 min long and I only want to do 2 at 90 min
  • 1 trainer ride is 120min but I would only want to 60-75min
  • 1 ride is 60-75 min which I can do

I don’t know whether to:

  • put low volume into my calendar and then manually add 2 rides per week by manually copying in workouts from the respective week and plan where I am at?
    -or put mid volume into my calendar and then either:
    a) for the rides I cannot do full time duration see if the same workout has a shorter version?
    b) if the above doesn’t work add in the same type of workout (e.g. threshold) for the duration I can do?
    c) leave everything as is and just stop pedaling when I run out of time?

One last question, from spring through summer when I ride outside, should I jsut move the prescribed workout that is the most easy to do outdoors/the workout that looks the most like how I would ride outside from an intensity standpoint, to the weekend so I am following as closely as possible a mid volume plan (or do a low volume plan with 3 rides mon-fri, add 1 endurance ride manually mon-fri, and then my outdoor ride on the weekend, the 5th ride of week is “unstructured”)?

Thanks for any help and feedback

when I do my outside ride and either actually try to do workout outside or

For clarity, I am NOT Chad Timmerman (TrainerRoad’s Head Coach). I’m just an active forum member and big fan of TrainerRoad. #TheOtherChad

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Eh, for most of this stuff you’re just as good as @chad for answering. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Doh! sorry @mcneese.chad and sorry @chad as well.
I think I noticed something around this in the past and clearly made the wrong assumption, apologies to both Chad’s.
I guess “@coachchad” was taken?
Well at least I know now going forward.
Thanks for letting me know.

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Not a problem. You’re not the first, and won’t be the last. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Avoiding the Chad confusion I have similar time limits and use low volume and add in extra as required.

As the podcast regularly says constancy is king, much better to fully do low with the added rides at the times you can fit than not have the time for fully committing to medium.

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Fwiw I can fit in 4x 1hr rides a week.

If I go for low volume the plan comes out with 2x 60min + 1x 90min OR 1x 60 + 1x 75 + 1x 90

At the moment I am manually swapping to the 1hr versions of the longer rides and adding a 1hr recovery ride.


For sure, I agree @firemunki, consistency is king over the long term.
For me, especially during thd year when I do an outdoor rides on the weekend, I am much closer to mid than low volume plan so I think it would be less manually fiddling with my plan to edit a mid volume plan than more heavily edit a low volume plan.
Hopefully we can have some more seasoned riders comment.
all the best with your riding

Did this make anyone else laugh out loud? I think TR should send this Chad padding pieces for his keyboards as I envision they are all head-slammed with this statement.

Now, imagine the confusion if the TR team ever gets McNeese on the podcast! Especially if Coach Chad is NOT present. (chuckle chuckle)

To the OP - do a LV plan and add to it. That way you get your A workouts done, maintain consistency, and continue to make progress. Adding workouts gives you flexibility. If you want your head blown, PM me and I will show you what I started with in my next build session and realized I physically could not do it all.


I’m in a similar place for training, there was a feature request for plan builder (by me I hasten to add) that instead of low, medium or high options you could set the number of workouts a week and maximum length you can fit it.

Would be a awesome option on the builder.