Issues from maybe setting ftp too high

I just finished a vo2 build phase, and got a 13w ftp bump from the ramp test going into SSB LV 1. In the middle of my current phase I started coming across some over-unders that I cant pass, and some sweet spot work that is pushing hard against my max HR(I don’t think 7min at 88-94% is supposed to do that).

My thought is that i am using an incorrect ftp, which then throws off the perscribed workout zone.

Am I doing the plan a disservice by pushing through SSB1 and potentially targeting zones above what is planned?

I’d advise on dialing it back or you’ll never get through the plan and/or burnout. I always say I’d rather get through 100% of the plan at 90% than 50% of the plan at 100%. FTP is a number at a point in time, but your ability to perform day after day will rely on mood, rest, diet, etc.

In summary, dial it back a bit and keep going, if you feel like the workouts are too easy then turn it back up a few % again.