What FTP to use?

I just finished sweet spot base part two using a 270 FTP for the whole block. All the workouts were totally doable. No issues.

Did the 8 min FTP test (which I always use) three days ago - got 285.

Just did a ramp test today for the first time and hit only 262! Feel like I have it a solid effort.

I am not surprised my ramp test is a bit lower, but this seems crazy low. So do I go into my next block using 285 or 262? I don’t care about the total number, I just want to get the right effect from each workout. Obviously if my FTP is set too high or too low I might negatively affect that.
Any thoughts appreciated.

Since you are used to the 8 minute test and you have been using that consistently, I would recommend going with the 285 and seeing how it goes. :slight_smile:

Sometimes, the Ramp Test can have a bit of a learning curve so if you want to try again in a day or two to see what you get, that could be a good verification as well!


As above, start with the 8min FTP result but be prepared to tweak it. Logic suggests that if you were completing SSB2 at 270 with no issues then your FTP should not have decreased.

Out if interest which volume plan did you use? I ask as HV has less vo2 work which would possibly make you less prepared for a ramp test.

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I was doing low volume plan but usually add one or two easy rides to the week depending on my swimming and/or running for the week.

I am preparing for a half in July so am moving to either sustained build or the half plan. Will see how the workouts go at the 8min FTP.


Just as an update to add data points, I just did Carpathian - an over under - using the 285ftp and it was fine. It was quite tough (maybe a 9 out of 10 for effort) but seemed reasonable.

So looks like I just suck at ramp tests for some reason.