SS has got a little easy?

Just finished my 1st week of SSB2 and I done Geiger +2 today which felt a little easier than I expected. I upped it 4% on 2nd interval and up to 10% for 3rd and 4th and 20% extra for last 6 minutes. Should I be able to up it so much. My ftp at the start of TR 7 weeks ago was 206, ramp test at 4 weeks was 213 and at 6 weeks was 202 which I just scrapped as a bad day so I stuck with my 213ftp. Thinking of doing a ramp test next week in case my ftp should be higher.

Sounds like you’re not pushing hard enough on your ramp tests. You shouldn’t stop until you physically can’t maintain the target power any longer. If you’re raising workouts by 20%, your FTP is set too low probably because you’re quitting on your ramp test too early.

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Definitely not that. My 1st ftp 7 weeks ago and my ramp test 3 weeks ago I pushed until my legs wouldn’t give any more. I’m hoping that the last 2 weeks of SSB1 with my rest week and the 1st week of SSB2 have given me a big bump.

Use the over-under workouts to gauge your ftp. If they are easy, your scaling (ftp) is too low.


Maybe do it the “old fashioned way” with 20 mins or 2x8 mins.

I run out of steam a bit early on Ramp tests and measure low as well, but i get a good measurement with the tradtional methods.

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One thing that is for sure I really don’t benefit from doing the ramp test after having an easy week. I am far more focused on the middle of a plan. Maybe it’s just me but the future tests I do will be done with no more than 2 days rest.

This is spot on. Over unders can almost replace a ramp or other FTP test for the purposes of setting your FTP for TR workouts. If towards the end of an over-under session you are on the verge of actually chewing your handlebars while mentally begging for it to stop whilst approaching a worryingly high HR, then your FTP is set about right.

Sweet spot intervals should accordingly feel very tough as the cumulative fatigue takes effect. Any requirement to increase intensity would cause me to want to increase my FTP figure.

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