Feature request (sort of) for calendar

This week I was going to start the polarized plan base, but life offered a couple of obstacles: I pulled a something lower back just as I was going to start a ramp test, and then I got a booster appointment that my wife assures me will knock me down for two days. So today I decided to just move the whole plan a week forward while I have covid and back pain.

Turns out ya can’t do that, I think. At least I couldn’t see an easy way to do it. The solution was to delete the plan and schedule again. If there were a way to just tell the calendar to move the plan date that would be helpful.

I tried move week, but that put my first week and second week together rather than moving all plan weeks forward. Not a big deal since I was just starting, but I can’t be the only person who is getting his schedule whacked by things these days.

Happy new cycling year all!

There’s a thread asking to reinstate the Push/Pull functionality on the calendar. This was accessed via the hamburger menu at the right hand end of each week in the calendar.

What you have to do now is:

Click on an empty part of the week you wish to modify.
Select Add an Annotation
Fill out the next dialog and confirm.

It (Push/Pull) used to be a single click :man_shrugging:

Thank you!!

No problem.

It’s a really annoying, and retrograde, change. Previously it was:

click on the UI item associated with a week
click on the required option

Now it’s

click on an empty part of a day (to perform an action to alter a week?)
choose an option that has no obvious relevance to a week
The resulting dialog still doesn’t indicate that the week will be removed. What!!?

Here’s the help text:


You’ve had to lift three veils and you still don’t know what will happen.