Taking time off the bike, skip the workouts or shift the whole plan a week out?

So I just got done having a steroid injection in my spine (2nd one, trying to put off surgery a few years) and they recommended I stay off the bike for a few days or a week.

I just got back into structure and am 100% committed to it, so the idea of skipping a few workouts bums me out.

Whats the best way to accomplish this? Skip this week? Move everything out a week? (Can I do this in the calendar easily?). I don’t have any races on the 2021 calendar because well, let’s see what 2021 looks like so it wouldn’t seem like a big deal to push everything a week out.

I’m on the low volume century plan now I believe.


Here are the Calendar Edit tools:

Depending on whether you did Plan Builder or manually entered plans, you may want to go different directions.

  • For Manual, you can use the “Push” function to shove the entire plan one week further down the calendar. Note, this does NOT work on the current week if you are on a Monday already. So push the next week, and then manually move the current week to the following one.

If you used Plan builder, you might want to delete the plan and redo the PB process.

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