Calendar Update: New “Move Week” Feature

“Move Week” is the latest Calendar feature added. See the full list of upcoming and completed Calendar features here.

Move Week

Sometimes you plan a week of training and then you get sick, a work thing comes up, or you simply decide that week of workouts fits better into your schedule at a later time. When this happens, now you have the option to move your planned week of training to another week on your calendar.


Simply click the three dots on your week and the option will appear.

You will only see the “Move Week” option on your current and future weeks when no workouts have been completed. You cannot move past weeks.

What Happens When You Move a Week?

“Move Week” is like a cut and paste feature. If you are following a plan, moving a week will not modify your entire plan like the “Push Week” feature. “Move Week” will just modify the new week you moved your week of training to.

For instance, if you move a week to another week that has no planned workouts, then just your workouts from your moved week will show. If you move a week to another week that has planned workouts, you will see both weeks of planned workouts in the same week.

Alrighty, that’s it for today. We’ll keep you posted as more new Calendar features are released!


We need more granular control…

What are your suggestions? :slightly_smiling_face:

A no calendar option. And\or ability to push\pull by a day or multiple days.

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I reckon they’re probably working on options like this but they can’t do it all at once :+1:t3:

Considering we had this capability previously I’d request it is prioritized.

What capability?

The bingo card plans were very fixed and not really adjustable within the app.

The ability to ride a plan sequentially without having to skip or move rides around.

That’s just the thing, I didn’t need to adjust them. Perfect. Just set a plan and ride it out.

if have noticed If I move a race week, the race also moves with the week, is this OK? Should’t I have the same behavior than pulling/pushing a week?

So set a plan and ride it then? I’m not sure how the Calendar conflicts we it that ability in the slightest.

Rides get auto skipped if you miss one.

This is true but then you just push the whole plan back a week and drag drop the remaining items from the current week. Its my current work around and takes approximately 3 seconds. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I may be missing something obvious but I would like the ability to copy an entry that I have done for a previous day onto a group of days. For example if I weight lift on Monday I would like to copy it into Wednesday and Friday. Presently I am doing each entry individually. Not the biggest pain in the ass (the workout is) but it may exist already or be nice to have

Copy and paste of workouts is planned and coming.

We will also get an option for recurring events as well (maybe not at the same time.)

Thank you

Thanks for this feature, have been sick for last 6 days, and was supposed to start Build Plan MV yesterday.

Pushing it back to next week now.

Well done TR!

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I have been sick and needed to push weeks back. The to push for this week did not exist. I could move it, but not push. I have not done any workouts since last Tuesday.

Windows OS on Chrome.


/I think once the week starts you can’t push it. Try pushing from the next full week and then copy and paste into the gap.

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