Where is Push Week gone?

Hi all,

Just out of specialized and its starting base 1 again. I’d like a week off so I want to push everything by a week. Used to be able to do this in the calendar but I can only see copy and move options now. I have also looked a few weeks ahead and those weeks also only have the copy and move options. No clear, pull, push options to be seen. I am using the adaptive training. Maybe that has something to do with it. I just want to start this weeks training next week and do some easy rides this week. Right now, I am looking at just replacing the first week with easier rides which will leave me missing the first week of base.

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Have you tried adding a week off by using the illness/holiday features and seeing if that does what you want it to?

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If you’re starting a new plan and just want to push it a week, you can simply reissue a new plan with a new start date. Plan Builder will keep your events, and you can pre-determine time off as well. :+1:

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With adaptive training there is no push and pull weeks unfortunately. You have to copy weeks manually. I have discussed this with TR support as I was also surprised.


Thanks for the suggestion. I just tried that earlier but couldn’t figure out how to do it. That said, I just found it under the add annotation area. I’ll try this next time.

Thanks. I deleted the old plan and created a new one starting next week. Workouts look different but that is fine. Just tired after last block so wanted a week out before stepping into sweetspot again.



I’m in the middle of an adaptive plan, and would like to push it back by a week while I do some unstructured outdoor rides. This used to work for non-adaptive plans.

I’d prefer not to have to delete all future workouts and redo the new plan. It that’s currently the only option do I have to use plan builder, or will PLs and adaptions also work if I add training phases instead - e.g. SSBLV2.

I see no reason you need to delete or redo anything. Options that could work:

  1. Use the new Annotation function with “Time Off” option that will effectively empty the timeframe you set in the “Schedule” section. This will trigger a recalculation of your Plan Builder to empty that time and adjust pending workouts and training phases as appropriate.

  2. Simply perform your rides as desired and ignore the current plan. You can leave the scheduled workouts as “skipped” or possibly associate them to a ride on the same day. I’m not sure it really matters which you do, since AT would see them all as missed workouts.

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