How to shuffle plan down a week

I started SS1, in the middle, skipped a TR week, but I want to continue where I left off. Other than moving all the rides down a week, one by one, is there another way of moving the entire remaining 3 weeks that are left, down a week?

In your calendar click on the three dots to the right of the week number (Wk40, etc.). You will get a small menu, choose “Push Week”, confirm and that week and all subsequent weeks will be moved.


True, but there is a limit that you can’t push the current week. So if it is already Monday, you can push the following weeks only. Do this and then manually move the remaining workouts in a given week if you are already on Monday (or later) and want to push the current week.

Other calendar tool info:

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Ah, didn’t know about the current week restriction but it makes sense why. I checked the push/pull mechanism on a week close to the end of my plan (next May!)

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Awesome, thanks guys!!

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