Inflated Power - How will impact trianing?

I have a Schwinn IC4 exercise bike which the internet tells me often has inflated power metrics. I took the ramp test and ended up with a 3.08 w/kg which i’d guess is high. My real question tho: if I do all my TR workouts on this bike will it effect my training (recommendations, etc) much if at all?

It will really depend on how bad the readings are, and if they are “consistently” bad.
My old trainer was overestimating my ftp quite a lot, while underestimating my short power. It was like ftp was 60w higher than reality, and my 10sec power 200w lower.
You can still train with that, especially if you do custom workouts. Maybe TR progression levels will take care of the problem too most of the time. What didn’t work, for my case, was mixing sustained intervals (closer to ftp) with short intervals (closer to short powers), for vo2max.


As long as its consistently high and all your training is on it, it wont really make a difference.


Update for posterity: got power pedals and found out schwinn ic4 power was definitely inflated. Dropped to ~2 w/kg, but glad to have the accurate measurement even if training would have been similar