New to TR, training and equipment questions within, might be long

Hello folks! New to TR. A little about me, I’m 6’6 and 185lb or so. I will log around 8200 miles this year between outdoor and indoor riding. So I ride a fair amount.
I recently signed up for TR to get some real training plans vs using my built plans in zwift.
My current FTP is around 320 watts but due to my size and wide body profile I’m not all that fast unfortunately. By next year I’d like to have an FTP closer to 350-360, hence the need to change my training.
My indoor bike is a stages SB20 and I’ve noticed a couple things. If I use the crank arm power meters TR doesn’t recognize it correctly, it only sees half the power. If I use the flywheel power it works and I can use ERG. But I’ve noticed not just on TR but also on zwift or the stages app the power from the flywheel seems to be a touch lower than the crank arms but enough to blow me up on a workout. The difference seems to be about 3-5%. I assume this has to do with some drivetrain loss and maybe 1% of it is power meter variability.
So should I set my FTP slightly lower or just let adaptive training learn? I realize there is probably going to be a question about the ramp test. I have not done one yet but probably will next week during my recovery week. However, historically I’ve gotten results on the ramp test that are too high as it relates to my FTP. For example, the last test I took was on zwift a couple months ago, I blew up somewhere in the 460 watt interval and it set my FTP at 338 watts which I knew was too high.

Also, I believe I am using adaptive training and this mornings workout said “not recommended” but why wouldn’t it adapt and provide me something that was recommended? I went ahead and did it, finished the first 20 min block, got 8 mins into the second block and blew up, so I scaled it down dramatically but kept pedaling, then scaled it back up at the very end.

If it wasn’t recommended why did it stay on my calendar? I feel like I’m missing something basic here or maybe starting a week before a rest week was a bad idea?

Thoughts? Help? Comments appreciated.

Work with TR support to fix this.

Use Plan Builder and it will schedule FTP tests. Also, with “FTP Detection” you no longer need to do an actual test, it’s now calculated for you based on previous rides/workouts. It’s also likely more accurate than a Ramp Test, so this is the preferred method for setting FTP.

Again, use Plan Builder. If you’re new to TR or starting a new training block you may, though very rare, get a “Not Recommended” workout initially. This can happen if your progression levels are too low and there isn’t a workout in the system to match it. If it looks too hard then see if easier Alternate workouts are available. Sometimes you’ll surprise yourself and be able to do the workout. However, if you struggle/fail, just answer the survey accurately and adaptive training will adjust.

I wouldn’t try to dramatically scale down a workout. At that point you’ve lost the purpose of the workout and the training benefit is minimal at best. Just quit the workout, answer “Intensity” for your reason and chose a z2 workout if you feel you still need to work.