5 minute power looks a lot better than my 5 second power

Hey All, I recently added a power meter to my bike and have been collecting data in TP as well as tracking things on the trainer with Trainer Road. Still gathering data and don’t really have enough info have any stunning insight but something that jumps out at me is that my PRs for the longer power durations are a lot better than 5 second or 1 minute power.

It is weird that my 1 minute power would be 6.09 w/kg and my 5 minute power 5.28 w/kg?

Training Peaks estimated my FTP is about 100 watts higher than my latest TR ramp test. My outdoor 5 second and 1 minute power PRs are a little better than previous PRs set on a TR but not radically different, seems in line incremental gains and being more motivated to ride hard with the group. But my 5, 20, and 60 minute power from that same ride is way higher than than previous PRs set on the trainer.

Could be a PM meter issue but both PRs were set on the same (club hammer fest) ride and I calibrated before the ride. And I used the same power meter set up for my last couple of ramp tests. PM is a single side Vector 3, not the most accurate set cup but should be reasonably consistent with itself , right?

Any insight about the right way to read the data and use that info to set zones and keep my training on point?

As those numbers were set on a club run I expect they weren’t all out efforts. If you want to test certain time durations then go out and do then and utterly nail it! I bet if you target a flat out 1 minute interval it will be higher than that.

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That makes sense, thanks for the replay. This was a club ride but very much race focused and I tend to hit my best numbers riding with the cat 1/2 guys :grin:

PE seems about right on the trainer for the zones I am trying to hit but think I may be under estimating FTP based on the numbers I am putting up riding outside with the team.

Trying to figure out how if the TP estimated FTP should factor into my TR workouts or if I should stick with the ramp test FTP since that is more of an apples to apples comparison.

I always feels stronger on longer intervals, working to be better with the punchy stuff. Maybe a 20 minute test on the trainer would be helpful.

Would love to hear from anyone who similar experiences with their numbers inside vs outside.

There’s plenty of debate when it comes to testing methods but try sticking to one to keep things consistent.

In my experience, I find it best to do a longer test when it comes to FTP as I find it gives more accurate result.


Go from a km out. :thinking:

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You do have a good point :laughing: