Increase Volume to 12/14/16hr weeks

Hi all,

Recently I’ve been trying to add workouts to my training plan (SSB HV1&2, SPBHV, etc) to turn them into 12hr, 14hr, and 16hr weeks followed by the normal rest week. Was wondering whether anyone has come across an easy way of adding Z2 sessions on mass to these plans? In lieu of a formal method provided by TrainerRoad is there some way we can create our own custom plans to add?


  1. Add Z2 workouts to a blank week
  2. Copy week as many times as you want to other blank upcoming weeks
  3. Add plan on top of existing workouts

Should work just fine


Agreed. Would be ideal if I could do this for a 3 week block.

It’s really quick to copy workouts and weeks on the calendar. I can’t imagine it would take more than a few minutes if you wanted to do an entire year.

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FYI, you can add your +1 to the following feature request, that is about custom plan options:

I think you can also schedule workouts to repeat weekly/monthly/every x amount of days until a specified date.


Yup, repeating has many options:

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Nice, did not know this!

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Thanks for the replies everyone. Custom training plans would be ace. Added my +1. Similarly if the TR folks wanted to go beyond HV plans and make an Extreme Volume plans option that would help.