Feature Request: Mass Delete/Substitute Workouts

It would be nice to be able to mass modify a plan without going into individual workouts.

I’d like to to do two instead of three intensity sessions per week and sub it with a longer Z2 ride. Right now I’d have to delete SS workout each week and then find a relevant Z2 workout to replace. Having some kind of “select all”function would be a handy way to tailor plans.

Example; climbing road race plan LV. Mass delete all SS workouts and replace with 2-4 Hr Z2 outdoor rides that follow progression levels.

And yes. Looked at the polarised plans. Didn’t quite fit my needs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, @AussieRider! We have some expanded customization options for Plan Builder on the roadmap that will help you predetermine days and durations for ‘in-between’ volumes that will help out with this. It will be nice to apply those modifications proactively/before adding the plan to your calendar to make things a bit easier for you!

I’ll keep you updated on those releases, but in the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on this current request for retroactive ‘bulk’ mods to your plan.


Thanks Ivy


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