Custom Training Plan Templates (Feature Request #1)

Hey - loving the new calendar a have a request that would make it even better (at least in my mind!). I’d like the option to build a custom plan. Specifically, I’m going to add a “Quick Start” weight loss phase (a la Matt Fitzgerald’s Racing Weight) prior to starting my base phase for next season. Obviously I can plug in workouts day-by-day, but if I could build an entire plan myself to drop into the calendar that would make re-using the plan later a lot easier - and simpler to adapt when plans inevitably change.

Thanks for an awesome product!


I don’t see how this would be any better than what we have right now, considering the one additional option we will soon have.

We will be able to copy and paste individual workouts. So, you would start with a single workout and enter as desired. Copy and paste that once, modify as needed and repeat as needed to populate a week.

Then you can already copy an entire week, so you do that 2 or 3 times as needed to build your month.

Essentially, any template option (even if it included workouts for every day in a month) would need some manipulation to move or delete workouts, not mention the need to modify each one to be the precise item you need.

I just don’t see an advantage over the tools we will have in the calendar already.

I agree it can be done - the process you describe would work, and wouldn’t be a deal breaker by any means.

But I guess I look at it as…if you wanted to add the Sweet Spot Base plan to your calendar, would you rather click “Add Training Plan,” or scroll back, find the block you want to repeat, copy, paste, tweak, etc? If I had a custom plan option, I could build a 6-week plan and drop it into my calendar with one or 2 clicks just like any of the great TR plans.

Just something that would simplify my planning process. Others’ mileage may vary.

But what would that “plan” be? Even if it had all the workouts, wouldn’t you have to modify whatever is there, because there is no way they would be “right” for everyone.

Would they be empty workouts or filled with something?

Just trying to fully understand the suggestion.

I think he’s saying he follows the same 4 or 6 week block multiple times within a year and wants the ability to save that block and add it as a personal plan.

The difference being storing a repetitive sequence of workouts and being able to bulk add them as opposed to the week by week or workout by workout methodology currently in place.

Just trying to interpret his request though - could be off base

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Maybe I’m being unclear - these wouldn’t be plans for everyone! I don’t even think that would be appropriate - I’m not a coach and wouldn’t want someone using a plan that I built. Leave that to the TR pros.

I want to be able to create a “plan” that would just be for me, in the same way that you can use the WorkoutCreator to make custom workouts. So you’d schedule 4-weeks or 8-weeks or whatever just like they look in the TR plans, and then when I want to repeat that plan next season, it’s available for me to drop into the calendar.

trpnhntr gets me :+1:

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Got it. Makes sense to me now.

That would be awesome! It would be great to have a “personal” plan that I have created that I can insert. For example, if I had a taper plan that I preferred to use. Additionally, I train for events that don’t always fit the typical goals within the pre-made plans.

I think this would be a great feature to have. One use of it could be for someone that fall short with the mid volume plan and over reach with high volume to modulate something in-between to suit ones need (TSS, intensity, etc.) As it was said, it would permit to build some pesonalised plan and allow to repeat every seasons.

Agreed! a la Training Peaks. TR’s plans are great, but if you use a coach that outlines seasonal training blocks that are similar each year, it would be nice to not have to “start over” each year, or to share custom training blocks. In fact, I imagine this would be great for TR’s business development - to market to coaches…

I totally agree, that would be very usable. Besides the uses already mentioned, you could build “training camp” blocks, that you could easily add to your calendar, if you know you are going to have a week where you can cram more cycling in, than usual.

Not sure if this was requested before but is there any plans to enable for users to create their own personalized training plans?

It is clear that we can create our own training plan via calendar but what I am asking is to create own template, add selected workouts under it , save it and re-use it in the future.



And maybe even shareable like the workouts are.


Most training is periodised, whether by season or by a 6-8 week period. Therefore being able to save a personal training plan would be a great idea

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I’m not sure I follow. Save in what way?

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Instead of following current plans in the system, we should be able to create our own plans and save it.

Oh I see. So being able to put workouts into a training calendar template then save it for future use. That makes sense. I like the idea of being able to create a sweet spot base high volume +1 plan

Yes you can even adjust the plans as per your priority race such as adding race simulation which you can create by WO creator :slight_smile:

The concept has been mentioned in other threads, but I don’t think it had it’s own thread until now. So this is good.

I like the concept as it will make doing mild to massive customer plans a bit easier.

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