Increasing training plan volume

Dear fellow cyclists

Hope you’re all doing well. I am new to TrainerRoad and I apologize if this topic was already touched somewhere else.

I am used to a very high volume on bike (I am coming from 10’000/21k on foot and I was used to 14+ hours of running per week)

During the last 4 months I jumped between 18 to 22 hours of cycling. The problem is that TR doesn’t want to plan more than 10/12 hours per week even on high volume. Could I do something about it? Just manually adding easy ride is the only way?

Thank you very much!

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A bit of caution before you proceed: I am quoting Amber’s words - “just because you can doesen’t mean you should”.

What was your power zone distribution when you do 18 to 22 hours of riding? I can only assume that most of them would be in zone 2 and you did almost little to no high intensity. As volume increases, your intensity decreases and vice versa. Be warned that high volume plans have a lot of intensity and I personally would not reccomend anyone to follow a high volume plan. Speaking from personal experience, I lost motivation to train after completing Sweet Spot base high volume 1 as it was just too much for me. I usually ride around 6-9 hours per week but also occasionally do 20 hour weeks with mostly zone 2 riding.

Last year, I did some ~ 17 hour weeks while following a low volume plan and it was certainly difficult given my life obligations. 3 days of interval training followed by some long rides during the weekdays and the weekends were not really sustainable for me.

I don’t mean to discourage you but would reccomend you to make sure that you meet the strength requirements (Strength Training Calculator - TrainerRoad) and ensure that you stay consistent while following a plan and that might mean choosing a lower volume plan and adding endurance rides on top of it. If you are consistent and can hit your targets, then feel free to add more volume.

Thanks Chand and Yay for the reply! Most of my riding is mostly Zone 2 (I sit with 260 of ftp) and I usually do one long ride (just over 5h) with climb efforts and one interval day during the week (to shoot for around 1/1
.5h close to ftp) and some sets of sprinting during one of my Z2 rides during the week

Again, thanks for the links and advice! I’ll go carefully on adding volume. Next week will be the first and I’ll see how it goes :slight_smile: