Adding Volume to HV

Whats the best way to add (outdoor) volume to a HV plan?

Looking for about 18hrs/wk. I assume at that volume anything extra should be z2?

Yes, extra volume should be only zone 2 as you cannot keep doing high intensity forever. Zone 2 is an easy form of stress and if you want to increase or decrease the volume, start altering your zone 2 rides before the workouts from the plan. You can try two workouts in the same day by doing the workout from the plan during the morning and an endurance ride the evening or vice versa or you can do the endurance ride right after the workout from the plan.

Check this excerpt from a podcast which might be helpful to you

Adding even more volume to HV?! :scream::scream::scream:

I’m surprised this topic hasn’t been shut down! :rofl:


Last time I did HV (SSB HV2) I was able to add ~300tss/week from my commutes, those were all super easy z2 rides though, doing any high intensity would have buried me.