If tested FTP too low, should I redo SSB1?

Hello TR Team & community,

becoming a big fan, though I joined only some 5 weeks ago.

I am 42 and never did much sport in my life. Got a road bike in March 2019 and cycled about 2.5k km (1.6k miles) in my first year. In 2020 I will clock in around 7.5-8k km (5k miles).

Did my first ramp test 5 weeks back starting SSB1LV. Wasn’t too motivated on that day and just wanted to get over with it. By the time I couldn’t keep my cadence stable I gave up pretty quickly instead of grinding it until my legs failed. The result was an FTP of 188.

Two weeks ago I joined my first race (90 km of blocked roads in Shanghai is something you cannot say no to.) Avg. Power of 150 W over 170 min. This makes me guess, that my FTP could be 5-10% higher than what I scored.

My question: If I see a big increase in my FTP at the start of SSB2, should I rather go back to SSB1? What % range of FTP increase do you consider save to go on and when should I better get back to SSB1?

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I think a lot depends on your goals as a cyclist at the moment. What are you trying to accomplish right now? I don’t think doing more base ever hurt anyone. This time of year, most of us in my area are doing base miles and touching all of the zones to maintain them with a group ride on Saturday and/or Sunday for fun. If I had a goal event coming up, I’d do what makes sense to prepare for it. But sadly, I don’t…

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Hi Truep,

I fall in the category of not getting dropped on the faster group rides and simply get fitter so the the “social sunday coffee ride” is indeed a relaxed ride.

I was wondering if doing SSB1 too easy, I would not start to lay the right foundation I need to survive SSB2.

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It does get harder. I think you need to address the reasons you are getting dropped. It’s not always fitness. It could be focus. And you might be fast enough but not quick enough. Have to be quick to react fast to changes in pace, to keep the draft and use the least amount of effort. If you are constantly having to close a 5 foot gap instead of a 2 foot gap, you waste a lot of energy. Are you good in the endurance zones? Most group rides in the draft will be primarily in that zone. If it is weak, do more long endurance rides. Do you get dropped after a pull? Work on clearing lactate by alternating between upper threshold and upper endurance zones. Are you getting dropped on climbs? Work on your lower threshold zones and steadily increasing it to upper threshold, and learning to carry momentum over terrain changes using cadence. Lots of reasons besides fitness to get dropped. I’ve seen guys with much higher ftp than me get dropped hard in a 5 hour ride that I have completed. Fitness is just one piece of the puzzle. If it is fitness, well…trust the TR plan and carry on because it WILL grow fitness if you are consistent (5 days a week is best) but you will not necessarily have to other important skills which I think can only be learned from riding with others. I say keep riding and getting dropped, learn, and try to do a little better every time! You’ll get it! That’s why we’re all here, because all of us have someone that can drop us!

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Thanks for your encouraging words. I’d say I get dropped after the group increased the pace and I cannot keep up anymore. I am good at wheelsucking, so gap is not an issue. :slight_smile:

So for my (low) level the major issue is fitness, although it got much better over the last 18 months.

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