Normalised power and FTP

Hi all,

I recently did the ramp test with a new FTP result of 225 w. This was around 3 weeks ago and since I have been following SSB1 LV. I have just completed a 70 mile sportive on Saturday in 4:30 with a NP of 202 w.

Is this an indication of to low an FTP?

Too many factors to know for sure. What was your average power? Most people can put out more power outside, so I wouldn’t say your numbers are abnormal, but I’m sure you have already experienced some gains since your ramp test. I would just wait and retest after this block unless your workouts feel unbearably easy.

Possibly, but with a big caveat. I say “possibly” because this implies you did 4.5 hours at 0.9 IF, which is pretty heroic. I’m thrilled if I can do a 4 hr event at 0.84 or so.

That said, if you’re going off different power meters, or have a PM on the bike outdoors but use a trainer’s power data indoors, then all bets are off.

This is about right - but I’d add that if the 3 weeks of SSB is the first proper training you’ve done in a long time, or even ever, it’s plausible that you might have already had a very quick bump in your FTP.

I done the ride on the same bike and same power meter as i done the FTP test on.

I’ve used trainerroad in the past, had been doing intervals earlier in the year but just self created in the Garmin app.

Dont get me wrong, there was nothing left in the tank after the ride, I was done and still feeling it a bit now to he honest

0.897 to be precise :wink: