Modified my ftp by mistake

Hi, I’m new to trainerroad and to structured training. I’m coming back to cycling after ~4 years of a sedentary lifestyle. Used to compete in local XCM races, both one day and stage races and want to get back at it.

I started SSB lv1 2 weeks ago, but by mistake I modified my FTP from 160 to 200 (+25%) and didn’t notice.
This resulted in me failing to complete the workouts and doing them at a much higher intensity.

Look at this: 10 minute at 118% FTP on week 2 of SSB:

Edit: How much did I damage my base by training at a much higher intensity?

How do I get my plan back on track?
Should I start over? or just adjust FTP and continue with current SSB?

Thanks a lot for your inputs!


Easy peasy, just manually reset your FTP to what ever you want it to be. No worries

Yes, I did that, but the question is about how much did I mess with my base training by doing much higher intensity than I should have.

How to continue building base in the best possible way?
My goal is to get back to racing at a decent level, but I have no specific race in mind so time is not an issue.


(English is not my first language, sorry if I confused you with my first post, hope this one is more clear!)

Just keep on doing your thing, Carry on with the plan that you are doing now, you will be fine.


Just want I wanted to hear! Thanks!!

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Short of doing every single ride inside and the exact rides and training stress involved it is impossible to keep 100% on “training track”… never forget indoor stuff is good but you do it to enjoy outdoor cycling more! faster and easier!

Totally agree, just thought I might need to start over cause of 2 weeks doing higher TSS and NP than I should. And less volume.

If you have time then there is no harm in retaking your FTP test and starting the plan again. Or continuing as is, as long as you have reset the FTP properly

What caused you to manually change your FTP in the first place?

I think it was because i had that value in another device ( never trained with it), and it overwrote the ramp test result.

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The bigger concern would be if you’re feeling physically drained from the work you already did - if so, might want to just work in a rest week and then continue on with the rest of the plan from there. you want to make sure you can continue on with quality workouts, and if the last 2 weeks buried you… some recovery is in order.

Also your FTP is likely higher than 160 already, so you might want to just work in a ramp test and then continue on with the number provided. Even just those 2x 10m blocks at 118% FTP suggest that.


Thanks for your input Wayne. I tested again today and went up 25 watts.

Will start ssb all over again with this new number, i think after more than 4 years away from the bike i should really invest in base. (And what i did before is definitely not base!)

Many thanks!

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