I have finished a complete plan, with two final careers in two weeks, what do i do?

Hello, I just finished the complete plan coinciding with two last weeks in which I have done two tests, one of 145k and 2800+, and the next week 300k and 3300+ in two stages (Saturday and Sunday). Today my legs are tired, but I am thinking about my next race, which would be on May 25, there is a month left. Can you help me choose what process I have to take with the plans until that date? Should I take a full week of recovery after finishing the plan? Thank you

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Most plans have a recovery week buit into the last week. I am assuming yours did that before your two big rides.
Therefore I would use this week as a light recovery week and then redo the last 3 weeks of the plan you have finished, assuming the last week is a taper week.

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Thank you very much for the response. I did not take the rest of the fourth week when I did speciality, I did everything without a rest week. And another thing, in the end the date will be June 15 (race in the Pyrenees). What do you recommend until that date? Thanks again

Depending the importance of each of these races (A or B), I’d use the end of your Specialty plan leading into each race, with a recovery week after your first race. I recommend using the taper weeks built into the plans if you want to perform at your best.

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So if I have finished the plan with the priority A race, as has happened this past weekend, I take this week of recovery. I had thought of doing two weeks of build (from next week) and the next six until June 15, using the last six of the speciality. What do you think?

Not sure when your last recovery week was, but you may only need a day or two of easy rides before getting back into hard workouts. I’d just listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

That could work as well, just make sure you get a recovery week somewhere in the middle of that 8 week block.

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The last of complete recovery without competition was the week of January 21

Fitness is gained during rest and recovery, so I wouldn’t be skipping these weeks. Training breaks you down and rest/recovery rebuilds you back stronger. So by skipping recovery and taper weeks you are only limiting your fitness potential come race day by carrying residual fatigue.

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