Plan Builder 1-week Build

I’m thus far sticking to the plan I started with the new year in order to prepare for my not-cancelled-so-far A race on May 30. Everything has been going great, and so far I’ve completed SSBMV1+2, and am now in week 4 of a build (Sustained Power). Looking at the rest of my plan up to my A race, though, the plan has me doing:

  • Recovery Week
  • Week 5 of Sustained Power Build
  • Recovery Week
  • Weeks 1 & 2 of Specialty (MTB Marathon)
  • 2 week taper into A Race on May 30

Here’s the remainder of my plan in the app:

I can follow this plan, but my concern is that I don’t think I need two of the next three weeks to be recovery as I’m feeling pretty decent right now and would like to keep progressing. It also feels like I’m short-changing the specialty phase by only doing two weeks of it. Would it be a better idea to go straight into the Specialty phase at the end of this week?