How to transition to a sustained build plan from where i'm at?

I’m currently in my last week of Short Power Build, and since there really isn’t any racing going on, the event i’m looking at excelling at is a team relay (salt to saint in utah, basically a hilly time trial in terms of demands). My thinking is that I don’t really need to do my short power specialization phase since i’d be honing things that i’m not really gonna use.

Salt to saint is at the end of september (sept 25th), so how can I adjust my plan to try and get a bit more sustained power between now and then? I know it’s not recommended to go right into another build phase, so what should I do? take a week off, then start sustained power build? do a month of base again, then do sustained power?

I’ve got 13 weeks (not including finishing out my current build phase) to work with. Any ideas?

To be clear, i don’t expect to become a time trial monster in that time, I just want to get as strong as i can since currently sustained power is a bit of a weakness of mine.

What does plan builder say you should do?

My instinct says 5 weeks of SSB2 and then 8 weeks of SPB.


I’m in a similar situation. I just finished Sustained Power and took 1 week off the bike and now trying to decide what direction to go. I’m leaning toward doing SSB training again. I’m going to search the threads to see if I can find something on this.

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honestly, I forgot plan builder would adapt this well. It has me doing 4 weeks of sweet spot base II, into 4 weeks of sustained power build, into 4 weeks of century specialization (it actually had me doing 40k TT specialization, but i figure century would be more appropriate, and it only did that because i had my event marked as a TT), then tapering into my event.

makes sense.


I decided that I’m going back to SSBI and then II training starting this week and will incorporate some outdoor rides as nothing else falls into what my plans.