Help me choose which build plan I should go for

A little background about my self.

I’m 30 years old and have only been cycling since June 2019, and using TR from October 2019. I’ve had massive gains since starting (71 watts). I have already gone through a medium volume base and build (sustained power), then just completed SSB1 mvand now halfway through SSB2 mv. Since starting SSB2 I’ve added 30 mins of z2 to every ride plus 1hr of active recovery on a Friday. Its upped my CTL nicely and I dont feel like I’m over doing it.

Obviously there is no racing in the near future with the lockdown, but luckily, we are allowed to cycle outdoors.

So, my decision is between another sustained power or short power build.

Any help would be appreciated.

Is there a reason you aren’t putting a made up race into plan builder and letting it pick your plan for you?

How is your short power? Also you have a solid FTP improvement there but how is your interval duration (do you top out at 20 minute intervals or can you break off the 25-30 minute monsters)?

Now is a great time to work on your weaknesses since there are no races. If you can complete longer SS/Thresh intervals without problem (the 25-30 minute ones) I would switch things up and work on your Anaerobic capabilities to bring up the “roof” on your abilities. That way when you go back to more SS/Threshold focused work your room to grow is greater. This will also make you a more well-rounded cyclist and allow you to compete in a wider variety of events.

If 20 minute SS/Thresh is still a struggle for you then I would go back through sustained power and emphasize + versions of the workouts which involve either longer intervals or greater time in zone through more intervals/reduced recovery instead of the regular planned versions (i.e. do Antelope +3 or 5 instead of Antelope). Then when you get more comfortable with these longer efforts switch it up with a short power block as mentioned already.


Only that I didnt see the need for a speciality phase.

So my FTP is 289w on a ramp test and I held 283w for 1hr 5 mins in a Zwift race. So I guess I’m happy hovering around threshold.

Any reason you aren’t considering general build? I think it is my favorite one to do if you aren’t focusing solely on time trials or punchy crits. For someone who is a relative beginner it has some of everything and keeps things fresh with some variety.

How long was the race total and was it pretty punchy or more steady power output? When was the last time you assessed FTP?

I guess I havent ever given general build a thought. With the variety I guess it would keep things interesting.

The race had an 8.30 min climb and the rest was flat. I last tested 3 weeks ago at the beginning of SSB2.

I would have a look at it. I think sometime general build might get the label, not as the “best of both worlds” but, as “not doing anything great” which I don’t think is fair.