HELP selecting build plan?

Almost done with ssb2mv after a delay due to illness. The last time I went through the plan progression I went with general build then rolling road race as a middle ground choice going into racing season last year. I want to try a different progression this year as a way to keep my body on its toes. This year is looking predominantly like crits with a few road races thrown in there, one or two fast group rides a week, and cyclocross in the fall. I’m leaning towards short power build/crit specialty, but was also considering sustained build/crit specialty then doing short power build before cross season.

My question is this; has anyone used sustained power build going in a mostly crit season with any success? Does it really matter? I only ask this because in one of the recent podcasts, jonathan said he did sustained build and felt like it helped him. All opinions are welcome, thanks.

Your year looks pretty similar to mine. I’m almost halfway through sustained power and I’ll follow that up with century I think. I mostly race road and crits, but will do a few short XC and 50 miler XC races too. Then CX in the fall for a full season. I’m going with sustained because I felt my base wasn’t quite there last year. Same with century. Ill do this right up to Tulsa Tough. After this is finished I’m going to do general build then rolling road race.
I just felt flat last year in the longer road races and by CX hit, I was trashed and could hang on with the lead pack in cat 3, but by lap 3 I was dead.

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My guess is that you wouldn’t have the punch to go with moves/surges and may struggle with the on/off repeatable VO2 efforts. I guess it will depend how you race. If you stay in the pack and sprint at the end or break off early and end up in a lead group then that sustained power will do you well. So it could work depending on your tactics. Also it would depend on if sustained power is a limiter. Also, does that limiter affect the outcome of your race.

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Short Power Build and Crit Specialty plan makes the most sense for your type of racing.

How many times will you be going off the front/soloing in your racing? That would be a solid argument for doing a sustained power build plan. I don’t want to deter anyone from what they really want to do, but Sustained Power build wouldn’t be as beneficial as Short Power.

In criterium racing, especially in the lower category racing, its very seldom that a racer will solo off the front. I would take that into consideration.

If you reaaaallly want to make sure you’re covering your sustained power bases, just add in 1 sustained power session in per week, in place of a short power workout.

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This video has some great insights. It’s a touch over 52 minutes long.

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Actually - I’ll be be doing sustained into Rolling Road Race. Should I do crit? Yeah, but like I said, I’ll be doing long road races and xc marathon races. So I’ll be doing rolling road race twice this year.

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General Build does a good job of blending Short and Sustained.