Which plan should I go for? Please help

Hi, I’m in the middle of Sustained Power Build plan after having completed SSB LV 1 and i just signed up for my first Half Distance Triathlon which is in exactly 40 days time. Should I continue with the current plan or ditch it for a Half Distance plan? Any help and advice is much appreciated. Thank you!

Have you used plan builder?


Have you got a plan for swim and run training? Sustained power build can be tough with the two other disciplines to train for as well.

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Yes, so this means that I have to ditch my Sustained Power Build?

No I don’t, I was planning to wing the swim as I am pretty confident for the swim leg. It’s the run and bike that I’m worried for. Especially the run. Yes I agree I’m afraid it would be too much to juggle with Sustained Power Build plan especially now that I’m in the 2nd phase where my next session is Washington +4 :face_with_thermometer:

Okay so 40 days doesn’t exactly leave you a whole lot of time. Where are you on the running front currently? If you have a decent running base built up, then you could jump into the triathlon build for the next 6 weeks and then do a taper week from the specialty plan.

If you don’t have the running base then build might be too much running too soon.

Have you done any triathlons before? Or open water swims? If you haven’t then I’d be hesitant to wing the swim as open water is a very different beast.

`I have finished both ssb1 and 2 high volume and i improved my ftp (from 297 to 310 and then from 310 to 320w) a lot even though i am not a new rider.

I have a question about my future plan choose. I dont have any race until 6th month of the year because of covid and i want to keep that improving. Should i do sweetspot 12 weeks base or go to build? I just want to improve ftp and loose 4/5 kgs (l am not overweight also 1.88cm height with 79kgs).