Short power build - never again

Hi all - after completing base phases I commenced with short power build mv.

Thought it would be fun and good to try something new. Increase the ceiling blablabla. Although I generraly managed to complete the first half of plan I decided to stop with the plan.

These type of workouts are too tough for me to keep me motivated. I consider to complete the build phase with the sustainable power build plan. Also some brutal workouts but pain I can handle better.

Any reason not to switch to first or second half of sustainable build directly? Dont think I need to go back to base first - any thoughts?


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I did the short power build last spring and I would say that the workouts are doable but they are not impossible to do. I am assuming that your sleep and nutrition is fine. You sleep at least 8 hours a day and you eat a lot of plants. With that being said I found this strategy helpful for all the plans: I follow the low volume plan and I do the toughest (often the longest) workout earlier in the week as I am a bit fresher as opposed to the weekend, where I will be tired from the usual long endurance ride.

I’m in the same boat as you. I get wrecked by short power build. That’s why I opted to do it this year again. If you’re bad at something, get better. That’s my thinking.


I am more into endurance so I so sweet spot base > sustained power build over and over (more or less). but the plan looks doable in my experience… except for spanish needle (and pierce) perhaps. that looks like suicide. is it doable?

Spanish needle was quite doable for me. Workouts like pierce and whiteface really kill me although I can complete these. Dade was scheduled for Thursday and I already started crying :joy:

Nutrition, sleep etc not a problem but I work like 11+ hours a day and cannot bring up the 100% effort / specific pain tolerance required for these workouts to not fail them.

Don’t wish to be the bearer of bad news but I’ve completed (sort of…) sustained power twice and I think it’s much harder than short power :wink:


I’m towards the end of MV sustained power build and it’s going well, but it’s tough and there’s been a progression over the weeks- I wouldn’t suggest jumping in part way through from Short Power.

I’ve done both Sustained and General builds in the past and have mostly gotten through them. However short power and Vo2 stuff is without a doubt my weakness and I know I need to work on it.

I keep saying I’m going to do Short Power one day but threads like this freak me out!

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Spanish Needle actually isn’t as bad as it looks. Never done Pierce but it looks much tougher…


On the flip side, I much prefer Short Power Build workouts to Sustained Power Build ones. I despise long threshold intervals. As a result I’m doing Sustained Power Build now to target this weakness.

I see you mentioned you work 11 hour days, that’s tough. If possible try and do your workouts before work when you are still fresh.

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My strength is definitely sustained efforts so I feel like I’ll struggle with short power, but if I don’t struggle now I’ll just struggle later when out with friends. At least they can’t see my pain on the trainer


That’s the spirit :joy:

I’m also more of a sustained power type of ride, having previously completed SusPB with only one or two partial fails. I did SPB because I stink at it and definitely struggled. Unfortunately, though, I didn’t see an increase in my short power above what I’ve previously seen from SusPB.

After a short base phase I’m doing SusPB again (with a slightly higher FTP than last time) and I’m struggling a lot - several workouts with back pedals during intervals and totally bailed on Dade the other day.

There’s a lot to consider when picking a plan - develop weaknesses, build strengths, being able to struggle but complete the workouts, enjoyment, preparing for your events, etc.

Not sure I helped but if consistency if the single most important factor in getting faster, then pick a plan where you’ll be most consistent.

As for switching to SusPB without doing base, I think that’s fine but start with the first block. I do not recommend going straight into the second block.

I’ve just started Olympic Triathlon Build - MV.… your post makes me nervous about what I’m in for.