How to manually add a VO2 block in my season without borking AT and my plan builder?

Hey all, after the bits of advice I had about figuring out how to schedule my calendar to get more VO2 in

I think the best thing to try would be to keep my events and overall plan as they are the add a VO2 block sometime in my season.
Does anyone know how I would actually go about doing that within my plan builder that won’t cause issues with adaptive training and my plan in general?
For reference, my A races are not scheduled yet, but I’m assuming they will fall on the last week of May and the last week of July like they usually are. My goal is a 40K time trial and a 150 mile road race.
My strengths have always been sustained power and I can practically time trial in my sleep. But my issue is that after a while my FTP does not rise anymore and I know that’s because I am doing the same thing over and over when I need to be training my weaknesses, which are VO2 efforts.
I have both events set right now under the century/fondo plan since they offer a good mix of sweet spot and slightly over threshold efforts which I will need. However, they will not give me the VO2 that I need to continue improving.
From a technical perspective, what would I do within the system to add this video to block without having to change the actual event type or ruining any adaptations I will have? I am still off the bike right now recovering from oral surgery, so I have a little bit of time to figure this out before I start training again in November.
Let me know if you need any more information and if it makes sense. I appreciate any and all help!