Adding V02 to my 40k TT

I recently posted a question about my power profile being “wrong”. The gist of the discussion was that I need to add more V02 workouts to keep from my FTP stagnating (but sustained power increasing). The problem is, I’m not sure how (and when) to add them. My A events are state and national TTs next year. I went ahead and put my events in plan builder and it is sticking me on the sustained power/40k TT plan…just like last year. That worked well last year, but my FTP peaked around March/April and never went up (my 80-95% power duration did go up lots though).

What is the best way to incorporate more V02 into my TT plan? I want to use plan builder to coordinate my races, but doing so forces just TT workouts. If I went in and manually added a plan I wouldn’t even know which one would be better for my TT goals but with V02 efforts.

To summarize-I’m pretty sure my body will respond better to more V02 efforts (which has been the case in the past prior to my TR days). But given my events are both TTs, Plan Builder only has me doing sustained power workouts. Those did wonders for helping me stay at near-threshold power for 5 hours or more…but that’s not necessarily relevant to a 40k tt. How do I add V02 in an intelligent and complimentary way? I’m hoping one of the coaches or a brilliant user can give me some help to extract the most out of my body. Cheers!

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When are those races? You could do a short power build earlier in the year, and then start to specialize into a sustained power build/tt speciality leading up to the specific race.


I’m not a triathlete but have looked at TrainerRoad’s Full Distance Base and Build plans:

Full Distance Base:

Full Distance Build:

and they both have VO2 workouts. Might want to poke around the Base Phase and Build Phase plans.

They are around may-august. How would I implement that in plan builder?

I’ve heard mention of trying the full distance plans. How would I do that with plan builder?

If you set up plan builder now I’m sure it’s giving you something like SSB1, build, SSB2, build. For the first build do short power if you want.

Select the appropriate event type, either here if you Add Event:

or here if you select “I’m Not Training For an Event”

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Okay, it’s that simple then. I will take a look at that later-thanks for that!

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You could make your own on the TR workout creator app? It is fairly simple to use. I created a block of VO2 training for myself with 4x8min Billat efforts and also 5x4min efforts as well. Worked wonders for raising the ceiling after 4 weeks.

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I think I’ve got a good plan going into it, thanks for the tips. I went ahead and tinkered with it. I’m keeping the general TT plan but have V02 work kicking in at the same time of year that my FTP began to stagnate this year. Those workouts are exactly what I’m looking for. Cheers!