Manually increase AT VO2Max Progression?

Hello all,

So I had blocked a week as holiday when creating my AT plan (SSB MV II), so I would be missing the first vo2max session of week 2. Due to a change of plans, I cancelled part of the holidays and AT moved the vo2max session from the 3rd week to the 2nd week (Sleeping Beauty +3, PL 4.3) and I finished it without any major problems. What I find strange is that AT does not adapt the vo2max session of week 3 to account for this change and has kept it to Sleeping Beauty +3.

Should I manually enter some vo2max session with PL, say, 4.5 instead? Or just redo the same workout as last week?

Hmm I would have thought it would update the second instance of Sleeping Beauty +3.

But an easy option would be just to swap out using Alternares to one that is perhaps 0.5 PL harder ran Sleeping Beauty +3. If you complete that successfully then future VO2 ones should get adapted upwards.

I do find adaptations are sometimes a bit slow. Also you have to be actually within the plan to see adaptations - it doesn’t adapt plans before they start. Not sure that applies though.

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I would use the ‘Alternates’ tool to select a more challenging workout. Because I am drawn to ‘stretch’ and ‘breakthrough’ workouts like a moth to a flame I’d start my search with one of those two criteria. Pick a workout that looks like something I could complete (without regard to PL) and let 'er rip.